Thursday, December 31

Farewell 2009

While overall the decade was amazing, 2009 kinda sucked just as much as it didn't suck and when dealing with suckage ratios, one wants the number of suckage versus didn't suck to be in the low range.

What I really mean to say is 2010 has a lot to live up to so hop to it 2010, let's do this thang.

Happy new year to you and yours. May your year be a safe, healthy, productive, rewarding, chocolate-filled, and slightly raunchy one because I hear those are the best ones, the best ones indeed.


wherewiller said...

Happy new year to you and the family, Katie!

Jezer said...

Happy New Year! I'm with you. 2009 was just *myeh* for me, but I'm hesitant to complain, because it could have really really sucked if it had put forth a little effort in that direction. So yeah. 2010, let's be friends.

Kyla said...

Happy 2010! 2009 was awesome for us...I hope 2010 is, too.

Assertagirl said...

If by "raunchy" you mean "filled with poop" then 2010 has already lived up to its expectations in my book.

Happy New Year, you guys!

Velma said...

I REALLY hope 2010 is better than 2009, for all of us. Happy New Year! :)