Tuesday, December 15




That would be the non-existent cursor on my computer screen.

It doesn't actually blink... in fact half the time I don't know where the little f**ker is until I hit a key but despite the fact it doesn't blink per se, I still hear it loud and clear.



Writing in this space has become a luxury I cannot afford and that makes me sad. BUT! I am writing. Just not here.

I'm proud of my writing elsewhere (namely:
plus a whole bunch of other stuff over at The Bad Moms Club, Aiming Low, and MamaPop). But the writing I'm proud of is just not here.

And these are things I wanted to write about in this here space but haven't:
  • The fact that I was going to stab my husband in bed the other night for suddenly getting up, going to the kitchen, and bringing back a bunch of Triscuits to eat in bed. AND I swear he used a megaphone to consume them and really drive the point home that he was EATING LOUD CRACKERS IN BED AT 3AM. Sadly I did not stab him because that would have made a better blog post (picture it, the prison diaries of a motherbumper -- I can hear the movie proposals already)
  • That I've been reading recipe books like it's porn but have no intention of creating any of the delicious smut that tantalizes my eyes.
  • The conservations that I'm having with my four-year old are comedy gold. Nothing is sacred in her realm and I LOVE IT. And I'm not writing any of it down because I'm a half-assed mom who likes to live in the now.
BUT! Yeah. Well... I haven't written any of those posts.

I also could have written about how proud I am that we decorated our Christmas tree this past weekend. Of course it's pretty easy to do that when you just pop the sucker out of the storage closet where you shoved it last year and then stick all twelve ornaments that survived the half-ass packing you did with the disclaimer "I'll repack this properly later..." which actually means sometime later in 2012 when I actually MIGHT HAVE SOME TIME. Bitter? No, not one bit.

We are all so damn busy. And by we, I mean you and me, and you over there in the corner, we are all so damn busy. Time is more precious than moon dust and moon pies these days. So what to do, what to do?

All I can do is keep my head down and keep on slogging.

Next time I'm not going to leave so much time between posts. That *blink* makes it really hard to form sentences much less coherent thoughts.


Mac and Cheese said...

I think you're just supposed to kick him out for eating crackers in bed, or so the saying goes.

mamatulip said...

Ugh, Triscuits? Having bits of Triscuits in your bed is like lying with teensy little needles. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything, no.