Sunday, November 15

They got it wrong: Sunday's Child is Full of Face.


Mac and Cheese said...

Wow! You are way livelier in print. Looking good though, even with a line on your face.

for a different kind of girl said...

Let's be best friends. I might have had a line across my face this morning, too, but I think it got pushed out when my face swelled up from all the random
I don't know why I'm crying!" crying. Hooray!

Oh, yesterday, when I was leaving the first of a kazillion basketball things I had to run the boys to, a dad and his two sons were behind, and the dad was all excited and jovial and I heard him say, "Hurray up, boys! Hurry, hurray! We have to get to a birthday party!! Aren't you excited?! A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!" and first, I wanted to turn around and sock him one, and then I wanted to ask him "Have you ever been to a kid's birthday party before?" and then I thought, "Maybe he's taking the kids to a grown up birthday party and there's kegs and those delicious treats where you wrap cream cheese and dried beef around a pickle spear and serve them in delicious bite-sized pieces, and I thought if that last option was the case, I was willing to ditch all the hot bball action I had planned for the day and take his kids to the party for him. I love pickle-related snacks.

My evil reality is, though, I hoped he was going to a kid's party and by the end of three hours in a bounce house or with adults dressed as rodents, he was a wee bit less jovial. Just like all of us on a Sunday morning. Hooray again!

sub334654 said...

poor baby ... can't see your line but I believe you. Sub was glad to see cousin Emmit. You still are not a morning person.

Heather said...

Isn't that just a kick in the pants? Try to vlog to show a dorky line and it doesn't even show up. That, my friend, would totally happen to me.

You're funny even when you feel like crap. I like that about you.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I love that your cat's name is Emmit. And EFF YOU for looking so good early Sunday morning.