Wednesday, November 18


This post just won't start. Everything I write down just sounds wrong.

And I think that's because the whole situation is wrong.

Yesterday Anissa had a stroke, putting her in ICU, and I keep trying to write a post mainly to tell people if they are looking to help out or find out what's going on, to head over to her baby Aiming Low or if that is overloaded go directly to the contact sheet to find out how friends can help out. 

But I just can't write the post I want to put out there, a post about an awesome friend. This doesn't happen to a friend I just spent a week with, sharing a hotel room and lots of obscene laughter with. No. That just doesn't happen.

Everything just sounds wrong.

Anissa and her family need our thoughts and prayers right now and even though I didn't say what I wanted to say, I know this will be one of those posts that I will come back and read sometime down the road and totally kick myself for being so melodramatic. And Anissa will totally kick my ass for doing that.