Wednesday, October 21

Verified as Complex in Nature

Yesterday we went to the doctor and sure enough they confirmed what we suspected: Gigi is four.

I'm not sure how it happened but it's true. She is four.


One, two, three, four.

Overdone sentiments about wrinkles in time will be skipped and I'll just go directly to screaming with a generous helping of denial.

We sat in the office for almost an hour discussing complex issues like nutritious food versus heaven sent candy, good touch/bad touch, empathy, and quantum theories of time. For the record, her physical reality is totally molecular and based on how many sleeps until Christmas.

But the important thing in that last paragraph is we discussed these complexities. We. Two doctors, Gigi, and I discussed her milestones and development.

No chasing her around the room, no prying medical equipment out of her hands while I tried to answer their questions, no bribing her to get on the scale and stand up straight (still bribes though to get her double arm jabs because HELLO! NEEDLES! I still need bribes to get needles and I'm four plus a zero). But basically four very complex individuals sat in a room discussing very complex issues and everyone had input and opinions.


Because she is four.


wherewiller said...

This is one of those good and bad things, right?
Great that four means independence and not yelling at the kid to get his face out of the garbage can in the doctors' office.
Not so great that four has opinions sometimes :)
I 'spose they must grow up, mustn't they?

Cindermommy said...

My daughter turns four in two months. Reading this post made my heart speed up a little! But I can't imagine my daughter participating in that discussion because she doesn't talk to adults. She can talk alllllll day to me, but anyone else... still involves bribery. Sigh.

Ali said...

haha. oh yes, we know ALL about four. :)

daysgoby said...

Amazing, how suddenly they open up (like flowers) and they're *people* now! Where did our little girls go?

for a different kind of girl said...

I look forward to reading her published works and enlightened thoughts on the possibility of world peace in our lifetime. Well, hopefully at least, in her lifetime.

Congratulations on raising a fantastic four year old, and happy, happy birthday to her!

Chag said...

Happy birthday, Gigi!

Mayberry said...

Four's good, overall, IMO. I'm sure Gigi will wear it very well. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. 4 is just a lovely age. My youngest leaves fourdom in about 2 weeks (sob!). Good thing that 5 is pretty great too.

Kyla said...

4 is awesome like that.

Mommy Melee said...

That is wild. We are 6 months away from four and ohhhhhh.

Heather said...

Four! You'll make it. Four can be good. It can be bad. Four is very talkative. And very testing.

You'll love it.

Heather said...

i hope she had a fabulous day!