Monday, August 3

Because Growing Up is Hard To Do (for everybody involved - EVERYONE)

After a brief hiatus from parenting (me BlogHer, she Grandparents), we are back to being a family unit. Truthfully, it's reeking havoc with my new found sloth sleep habits.

Oh my word I could sleep all day and work all night if being a parent would let me. Sun tans never suited me and vitamin D comes in pill form, right? They wouldn't put it in pill form if it didn't work, right? Not sure who "they" really are but I know they are everywhere. Obviously my paranoia-meter is registering on high right now and I'm totally getting off topic.

So yes, I'm back in the parenting/chain gang full time and I just want to know exactly who gave my daughter permission to grow up so much during the week I was away. I demand answers right now.

This morning she set about playing by herself, -- which in itself is a miracle of sorts -- telling  me she had to set up her dollhouse. I walked away picturing us watching HGTV matharons of decorating shows together in a few years, sharing our tastes, trashing those that obviously have none -- you know, the bonding stuff.

A few minutes later she summoned me (because trust me, there is no other way to politely describe how she demands my specific attention and we are working hard on that one) and asked my opinion on her set up.

After taking it all in, I told her it was reminiscent of Charlie Bucket's set up in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory which still is one of my all time favourite films. That is some sweet and seriously, seriously f'd up movie making there and I ate it up every last morsel with a spoon.

But yes, I loved how the majority of furnishings in her four room house is crammed into the top bedroom, right down to the milk jug and flower vase. Usually my impulse would be to rearrange the furniture and set it up "correctly", but this time I didn't even feel the urge flicker. She was proud and she could explain to me the purpose behind each placement and decorating choice. And she did.

The only items not included in the room were the ninjas warming their toes next to the fire place in a rocking chair. Ninjas. Oh how I love my child, she makes me burst with pride.

A little Tarintino in da' house

After the presentation, -- where if she had been selling, I would have been buying -- we spent some time together, quietly talking and playing and before long she obviously was off in her own imagination.

So I sat back and tried to figure out, who the heck let my little girl grow up so much when I wasn't looking. Because sometimes I just don't think I can take it and I need to tell them it's not okay. Seriously, not okay.
I'm over at Aiming Low today and it's my inaugural post. You may be disgusted by it, or maybe you will love my mad housekeeping skillz, or be dazzled with my relentless run on sentences. Regardless, you probably will feel superior somehow. Read it now.


mamatulip said...

Ninjas roasting by an open fire...

Avitable said...

Are those ninjas enjoying some surreptitious ninja loving? Because it looks like it.

Kyla said...

Yesterday I was busy doing my math review and I noticed KayTar hadn't summoned me once. I got concerned and went looking for her and found her, quietly sitting in her brother's room. I was all, "Are you okay? Do you feel sick? Are you sleepy?" She looked at me like I was nuts and said, slowly like maybe I needed some mental help, "Nooo, I am just PLAY-ING, Mom. You can go."

Sarah said...

I love the ninjas. Sometimes my 3 y/o builds furniture out of bristle blocks for his super heroes to lounge on, which never fails to crack me up!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm not having an easy time lately with this whole growing up business. I'm talking to the point where I revert to the age I want the boys to be by finding myself crying and maybe (I said *maybe*) sucking my thumb while they run through the place and tell me they're doing things like "hanging out with friends" and I'm all, "Wha? When did you start 'hanging out'?"

Not cool at all with this.

I bet even ninjas cry. Those convenient face masks do more than hide their identity! Handy dandy hankie right there!

Mayberry said...

I need my boy to stop wearing shorts, because I can't take seeing his loooooong gangly legs that have grown about a foot this summer.

the new girl said...

It seems like time DRAAAAGS and then all of a sudden? Like, FIVE YEARS HAVE PASSED.


Also? I'm loving the Willy Wonka bedroom/kitchen/living area. Very convenient.

Heather said...

Well, obviously it's winter time and they're conserving heat by shutting off the other rooms. Duh! That is really nice that the ninjas share though. Awww.

Haley-O said...

Can I just say...?: "Oh my word I could sleep all day and work all night if being a parent would let me" -- DIT-TO!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will ALWAYS be one of my favorite movies. I was always concerned about all of Charlie Bucket's grandparents being shoved in the one bed together. What if their feet touched? eww.

Mr Lady said...

And with the ninjas, she's stolen my heart.