Thursday, June 4

Perhaps if I spent less time staring at the tin and more time cleaning, posts like this wouldn't happen

Am I the only one who thinks this variety of baked beans sounds like p0rn terminology?

Okay, I guess I should have kept this to myself but seriously, I think an industry that spawned such awesome terms as the money sh0t and fluffer might just be using this one too. If not, I wonder if I can charge them money to start using it? Yes, I'd give Heinz their cut but you read it here: it's my idea suckers.

Oh man, I've been resisting the urge to google those words since I bought these beans earlier this week. Mostly because I'm slightly afraid of what the search results it might bring back.

Now that I've gone there, I don't really want to eat them. Let's not talk about this anymore.

AND OMG, stop staring at the coffee splashes on the side of my fridge. STOP IT.

I don't have time for stuff like coffee stains people -- please stop whispering about my dirty fridge. Details like random splashes went the way of the dodo when my loins came to fruition and something like three year old coffee stains on an appliance I don't even own does not rank high on my "things I must do sometime in the near future" list.  Actually that list doesn't even exist. Instead of a list of things-to-do, I have been trying out the "random scrawls on scraps of paper in the purse" methodology (RSOSOPITP) and so far I've had mixed results with RSOSOPITP. I'd tell you the exact results but I can't locate them right now because there somewhere at the bottom of my purse.

Anyhow, I'm over at Canada Moms Blog today talking about butts and I cannot lie: it makes me want to die of embarrassment.

And yes, I'm still screaming LET THEM EAT RICE like Marie Antoinette on a diet -- and I'll be doing that until next Tuesday.

Now pass me my purse because I have no idea what to do next. Be careful, that clinking sound is mommy's little helper in convenient travel-size.


No Mother Earth said...

I have trouble using the word "pork" in polite conversation.

Don't get me started on "lube". Sometimes, it's not good to be the mother of boys who love cars and garages...

Mac and Cheese said...

in addition, you may have just shown me that the Health Check symbol may not be a good thing.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Mmmm... Lard et Melasse. Tasty.

pluckymama said...

K I recently bought those too. They taste FANTASTIC but they smell awful after they've digested, I wouldn't recommend it.

Major Bedhead said...

The most p0rntastic product is Spotted Dick. Or, maybe it's the most diseased p0rntastic product. I haven't decided yet. But every time I see a tin, I giggle.