Wednesday, May 20

Maybe I'll win tomorrow?

So my laptop up and died a very undramatic rather pathetic death, sending me into a tailspin that appeared almost catatonic but trust me: inside = tailspin of epic proportions.

While I lay curled up in the corner admiring the craftsmanship in my dust bunnies I tried to figure out what the H E double hockey-sticks I was going to do. Despite my incessant rocking, worries of already being behind, and resisting urges to tweet about it, I somehow survived.

Today I went to the Apple store where they ran a battery of tests that rivalled The Six-Million Dollar Man (not really) and (I'm knocking on wood here) the solution was a lot less painful than expected (not like that last vet bill - yeah, I'm looking at you Dallas The Six Million Dollar Cat who won't be so lucky next time). But still, HELLO! that expense, not needed. Cripes.

Anyhow, imagine my reaction when the guy resuscitated the laptop and a split second before it happened, I realized that the desktop that was about to light up the screen, the one that I had just set hours before it died, the one I was using to make my husband cringe, the one I tweeted that would make ...for a different kind of girl shake her head in disgust -- well that freakin' New Moon wallpaper was my desktop and the *cough* young man who was serving me along with all his coworkers, were going to see it. Nice. Nothing beats serving a grown woman with a picture of teenage boys on her desktop

He snickered when he saw me cringe. I countered with a weak "I'm not a cougar, seriously, I'm not..." which trailed off into an "f**k me... it was a joke... can you just fix the laptop"

Then to demonstrate how young and hip I am, I couldn't figure out how to answer my own phone and I swear the Mac techie guy tried really hard not to laugh but come on, I didn't know how to click over on my call waiting? I countered with "it's a new phone and I forgot my reading glasses... please don't offer me a seniors discount if you value your life..."

motherbumper  0
life  1 (for about the 14,000 time)

Rematch tomorrow.


mamatulip said...

I feel that way around my brother and his girlfriend when I'm texting someone on my phone. My brother and his girlfriend and their opposable thumbs are complete whizzes at texting and I have to like, lift up my glasses and squint at the screen to see what the fuck I'm texting. I'd have better luck mashing my fingers against the keypad, you know?

TwoBusy said...

Some would say the entire ordeal was karmic justice for installing New Moon wallpaper in the first place. Not me, of course, but some.

for a different kind of girl said...

TwoBusy might not say it, but you darn well know I will! This is absolute proof that there is nothing good about that Edward/Robert Pattinson/werewolf boys! None, I say!

If it makes you feel any better, I can't figure out call waiting, either. Hell, I don't even know how to answer my cell phone if I have it flipped open when someone calls at the same time.

I'm totally Flintstone when it comes to technology.

Kyla said...


That was QUITE funny.

You may be a cougar, but I was mistaken for a babysitter THREE TIMES last night at a sitter mixer.

(plus, you totally look too young to be a cougar. For realz.)

Immoral Matriarch said...

You look younger than me! Although people always assume I'm older than I am so...

New Moon? Tsk tsk. Remind me to wag my finger at you in Chicago.

Mac and Cheese said...

c'mon! embrace your cougardom!

Heather said...

glad to hear that your computer is back & running again.

Heather said...


Mandy said...

Ha. Hahahahahah. Ha.

Maniacal laughter over here. Tinged with hysteria.

As 40 hurtles towards me, I am just hoping I don't drool on my Blackberry as I attempt to read the letters on the buttons, and really, who makes them so small?

Haley-O said...

Haha! I'm sure the Mac guys have seen EVERYTHING. I, for one, love the desktop wallpaper and think you should wear it with PRIDE.

I also, dammit, have to take all THREE of my 6 million dollar cats to the vet for their annual check up. We're about 3 months late on this one.... Wonder why...!

Rachel said...

ha ha ha ;-) um (cough)
love the desktop wallpaper.

Thanks for the laugh. Glad it wasn't equal to the national debt ;-)

The Scholastic Decoder said...

It's always the way. The gas meter guy shows up when you are only half clad, and you have to sputter that you don't always walk around with one sock, you hear the garbage truck coming and run outside with wild hair, your neighbour pops by when you have changed into pajamas at 4 pm after getting soaked in the rain... It never freaking fails.