Tuesday, December 16

motherbumper PSA

In lieu of a "real" post (because this one is obviously imaginary), I'm spreading the word about two contests that I'm involved with:

Over at motherbumper's lab, I have a twenty-five dollar gift certificate up for grabs for one lucky CANADIAN reader.  It's for the iTunes Canada store and all you have to do is tell me what would be your first item for download if you won, and also give me your email address so I can stalk you.  It's that easy to win and become an innocent victim to my harassment. Contest closes this Friday at midnight, harassment never ends.


For both my American and Canadian readers, I must share about this really cool - SUPER COOL - giveaway and grand prize draw going on over at my other home, Savvy Source.  Today through Friday over at the Savvy Source Holiday Guide there is a different prize to be won just for commenting on the post that is featured each day.

For instance, today if you comment on the Guide to Holiday Parties for Preschoolers post, FIVE commenters will be randomly drawn to win a copy of Mask Parade, a beautiful book for preschoolers that encourages them to pretend to be animals from the forest.  The book contains six different animal masks for play time and also mirrors so they can admire the new creature look.

Check each day at the Savvy Source Holiday Guide to see what prizes are available to be won, and comment on the post - it's really that easy to enter to win.

Then next Sunday December 22nd, Savvy Source will have a grand prize drawing from all the people who display one of the Savvy Source Holiday Guides badges found at the bottom of this page (must send email in order to be entered in the draw - full details at the bottom of this page) for a super sweet gift pack of:
  • one year premium subscription to Picnik (I wrote about Picnik back in November - love it, I never need to open up Photoshop for the small things anymore and I can still deface alter enhance photos for blackmail fun - it's a really useful subscription if you like pretty up, watermark, collage, or frame photos)
  • HP Creative Studio suite plus HP Photosmart D5460 Printer - this part of the prize package sells itself
  • the MOTOZINE ZN5 (it's all in caps in all their site verbiage so I felt like they were yelling at me to comply with capitalization) But seriously, it's a crazy and cool camera that allows you to send your photos immediately because it's on the network AND it also converts into a phone with a flip of some crazy technology (I'm out of breath with that description).  Short of long: it's like a Maxwell Smart phone that isn't a shoe.
How cool is all that? There are prizes falling out of the sky folks, out of the sky.  ENJOY.

My PSA work is done for another day.

Real post to happen...uh... tomorrow?

For now, I will distract you with my child who wears her sunglasses in the tub.  Why does she wear her sunglasses in the tub? Because her future is so bright she has to wear shades.  [insert collective groan right here].  Like you didn't see that coming a mile away.

Check out that dirty face people, I swear I do clean her off once and a while but mah lordy this girl is tactile.  If she isn't squeezing it between her fingers, she smearing it on her gob.  I love this kid so much, mess and all.


kgirl said...

you are hilarious, your daughter is hilarious, and why does motherbumper look so, um white?
(the blog, people, the blog)

Lynette said...

Or maybe she just wears her sunglasses at night? ba-dum-dum.

Michelle said...

Finally! Something just for the Canadians! :)
I'm headed over now.
And for crying out loud that kid is too cute for words!!!!

mamatulip said...


Gigi looks like Suri.

Whit said...

Dirty face makes for a happy kid.

kittenpie said...

She's just trying to avoid her paparazzi in those shades - but clearly wasn't counting on the mamarazzi! v. sneaky!

HAHAHA - my word ver is "wational" Like Elmer Fudd is trying to reason with Bugs.

mamikaze said...

You Canadiennes get all the good stuff.

The Mask Parade book is delightful. I'm not just saying that because I'm friends with the author.