Friday, November 21


For the first time since I don't know when, I played hooky this afternoon.

Oh yes I did.

I took off in a flash like my last name was Cullen as soon as my beloved Edward SB came through the door.

And yes, in my afternoon of well coordinated freedom, I caught a matinee of Twilight.

Because I am a Twilight cougar, here me roar.

Damn Edward is hot.

BTW: I give it a thumbs up because it doesn't try to be anything but what it is: a teen movie based on a hot book.  And when I say hot, I mean the hottest thing without sex that I've read since I don't know what.  Sure there is canned cheese, but like I said, it's a teen movie and if I was fifteen I'd eat it up with a spoon.  Since I am not fifteen, I just enjoy the intense eye candy and the daydreams of what I'd do if I was Bella.  And trust me, I'd do lots if I was Bella (rawr) - but you know, if I could but wouldn't because HELLO: vampire.  But you know - a cougar girl can dream, can't she?

Oh yes, and look up, look way up, right up there in the address box of your browser.  Yup, I finally set up my own domain.  Only took two years.  DAMN I'M LAZY.


Chag said...

Look at you, Miss Fancy Pants!

Now the secret is not letting Blogger/Google screw it up. They dropped the ball on mine and I had to do some major backflipping to fix it.

Kyla said...

Only 2 years? Psssh, I can procrastinate longer than that. LOL.

I haven't read the books, but totally want to see the movie anyway.

for a different kind of girl said...

et tu, katie?


Will said...

Oh sure, you can ogle the boy toys and it's acceptable, but if I do the same to the girls, it's creepy. They're all legal.

Ok, that is creepy.

daysgoby said...

Goin' all legit on us, K?

Dude, it SNOWED last night. Not nice at ALL. I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS CRAP.

What say we annex Canada to...say...the Virgin Islands?

Ali said...

i totally thought edward was hot too. and i was nervous because Robert P. in real life? not so much at all.

Mac and Cheese said...

Cougar? Are we now old enough to be called that? Crap.

Your address is hot.

Mary G said...

Woot! You're a dot com. Way to go.
Okay, I guess I have to get to see this thing. How do I hide the white hair? It was bad enough at the LOTR shows.

Mom101 said...

You are the first person I know over like 21 that has seen this. No actually I think you are the first person I know period who has seen this. So thank you! You've just given me the perfect excuse.

VICTORIA said...

I am so with you on that one! Edward Cullen was the object of many a dream of late...I own the saga, or two...dare I say! I was one who stood in line at midnight the 21st to see the premier...DAMMIT...I lost so much sleep! But...eye candy...bring it on! New Moon is coming out next...can't wait!

Anissa Mayhew said...

I saw it and I knew it wasn't going to be fine art or anything, but I was still a wee bit disappointed. Edward was pretty damn fine until he started looking like Rainbow Brite! Damnit, they bedazzled him. But I was there for cheese and I got my fill...with tasty Edward crackers.

I'm going again this weekend with a different group of friends and with we'll see if I like it more or less.