Thursday, November 20

I swear it's chocolate, I swear

We are really working on Gigi's independence in these here parts. 

On school nights we are now planning the next day's clothing so there are no fights in the morning (how I dread the clothing fights).  If she approves a totally weather-suitable outfit, dressing seems to go way more smoothly for everyone involved (translation: me).

For a child who is more interested in being starkers than dressed, I'm pleasantly surprised that Gigi has also begun to exert independence in the actual dressing process.  She is putting on the under things, socks, and shirts like a pro but she still holds onto her hatred for leg covers of all kinds.  She loathes anything that confines her, so unfortunately a dressing method that requires me pretty much sitting on her or downright bribing her usually gets her adequately covered for the elements.

How I've dreaded these first snowy days of the season.

Anyhow, she's also really into doing food prep herself. Independence in the kitchen has taken hold and it threatens to make meal prep both more comedic and death-defying than it ever was.  So we've started slow: pouring cereal, pouring milk on cereal (which requires 100% supervision and perhaps some stealth guidance or we have a dairy-related disaster on our hands that would make a grown cow cry), but now she wants to butter and jam her own toast.

So being insane, I found these plastic knives that wouldn't be considered dangerous by school officials if say a child who likes to sneak stuff to school, took one to school to pull on the teacher when she least expected it.  You know, because some kids are really sneaky and end up sitting in class with dolls that were specifically denied entry to the school on prior occasions.  And yet, even after searching her gear, STILL these toys somehow show up on her person at school, during class.  And trust me, the teacher lets her mom know every single time it happens.  Yes, so these knives won't cause a panic or even cut water so I gave one to Gigi so she could learn to spread jam on toast.  They really are pathetic in the realm of knives, perhaps I should just call them spreading sticks.

ANYHOW, today the jam was nutella and the bread was graham crackers.  It was mid morning snack time and we'd had a good day, so why not break out the chocolate spread that makes me feel like I'm trapped in an annoying overdubbed european commercial.

I think I'll stop telling the story here because pictures work waaaaay better than words so let me leave it at: I swear that I only left the room for two minutes.

And yes, I really felt the need to explain that it was hazelnut spread before anyone jumped to the wrong conclusion.


hoppytoddle said...

Um, yeah. I have to look for pics for you, now. I thought I was so cool last year when I found little teeny packets of nutella to put in Dad's stocking. I was excited because he's Italian & they don't have stockings, so he always gets excited over what's in there. MiniMe found the nutella before Dad. Similar scene, except much smaller child. I think the dogs helped her get those open.

Check out 'forsmallhands'. They are a montessori family resource & have lots of mini things for the kitchen.

Heather said...

I love it.

for a different kind of girl said...'s probably bad that my oldest is 11, and if he tried putting the peanut butter on his own sandwich, he'd look like Gigi at the end of his attempt, isn't it? It's either that, or he's the most brilliant child on the planet because he's roped me into still making his sandwiches.

Amelia Sprout said...

Hehehee. What a waste of perfectly good chocolate.

I like the Ikea kids utensils. They are cheap, safe (plastics wise) and pretty harmless. They're also bright and fun.

Mayberry said...

Well. I guess it's good she took off her shirt first?

Mac and Cheese said...

We haven't graduated into making our own food yet. I'm kinda thankful.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

She looks yummy.

If that were Chicky I would have licked her clean because Nutella is a gift from the Gods and should be treated with the utmost respect and seeing all that glorious spread washed down the drain would have SHATTERED MY COLD DEAD HEART.

Ali said...

gigi and isabella would be fine friends for sure. ;)

Kyla said...

The expression is PERFECT!

If she had been licking her hand, you probably wouldn't have even told us about the nutella...just to freak us all out.

Major Bedhead said...

Isn't that how you're supposed to eat Nutella?

ewe are here said...

Well what did you expect? it's Nutella!


(I eat the stuff straight out of the jar when it's in the house. Addictive stuff.)

Laura said...

all I see is that curtain behind her....that really clean, light colored curtain....

and word verification is FARTARD

Mrs. Imelda said...

I really don't want want a hug from Gigi right now (nor her to give Imelda one)

April said...

how gorgeous is she? haha. even if she is covered in hazelnut spread. i love that you got a picture, i too would've run for my camera!!!

Lisa b said...

Awesome Gigi.
you are awesome.