Sunday, November 9

like totally

The summer I turned fourteen was spent horsebacking, obsessing about boys, and spending time in my friend's attic watching endless videos on the VCR, taped from Samantha Taylor's Video Hits and Much Music. This was one of our favourites. Squeeze could do no wrong in my childhood.

I remember so many of the videos on my friend's favourte tape, a tape that was held with sacred reverence since the timing of each and every song was done with such skill.  Her pause and record prowess was legendary among the teen video-junkie set.

To this day, whenever I hear any of these songs, I think of the lazy afternoons spent in the attic, after a full day of riding or swimming or putting dreadlocks in our hair.  Black Coffee in Bed was preceded by XTC's Senses Working Overtime and followed by Echo and the Bunnymen's The Killing Moon. How do I remember something like that? No idea.  But I'd give my last bar of chocolate to watch that tape again.

And yes, in case you are wondering, I'm still in complete denial at how bad everyone's hair looked back then. COMPLETE AND UTTER DENIAL.


Backpacking Dad said...

holy crap. Video Hits. Where am I? Why do I only have 4 tv channels? Why is Mulroney the PM? Why is Gretzky winning Cups? Why do I have a Nintendo?

Kyla said...

What year was this? I'd like to leave an appropriately snarky comment about which stage of infancy I was in at the time. ;)

for a different kind of girl said...

OMG...somewhere in my mom's basement are notebooks upon which I scribbled the lyrics to Black Coffee in Bed along the margins. I was so into Squeeze. This song still makes me swoon.

So do those pesky Duran Duran boys, whose videos I would watch while sprawled upon the living room floor of my next door neighbor friend while we ate popcorn dumped in giant paper bags, debating whether we liked "Save A Prayer" better than "Rio".

My vote is always for "Save A Prayer".

You made me love you, dammit!

Mayberry said...

Oh man, you totally took me back to the days of making mix tapes off the radio. None of this namby-pamby make a playlist on iTunes stuff.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Bringing back the days!

I don't think the hair is such a big deal as there are plenty of boys sporting that heavily feathered, sideswept look...and I laugh...LAUGH!

Immoral Matriarch said...

I've never heard this song, but I LOVE Tempted.

Chag said...

I miss music videos.

I remember enjoying Black Coffee on MTV. They played it all the time.

Did I mention I miss music videos?

petite gourmand said...

for me it was pulling mussels from a shell....
Thanks for the reminder.

yes lets try for something soon, I would love that.