Friday, November 14

dallas star

Today I actually chiselled away at my reader and made a dent of some significance.  Instantaneous stress reduction that was further helped by answer a few overdue emails.  Mmmm, the weight is coming off my shoulders.

You see that right there - that last line? That line is the one the gods are going to taunt me with when they smote me with a few lightening bolts, unexpected bills, or bad-blasts-from-the-past for admitting that my stress levels have reduced.

Can't wait to see what they throw at me this time.

Anyhow, Amy inspired me today.  You see, Rudy recently lost his balls, and his room mate Farley likes to pretend he's the reason CSI was invented.

And coincidently, our cat Dallas likes to pretend he's been shot, so I bet he'd have some good times with Farley.  Dallas was also upset that he wasn't featured solo on this blog so far in NaBloPoMo so I'm doing this post to avoid pootastic pucker-prints left by pucker-points on my pillows.

Some days I think I should have been that woman with one hundred cats, bad fashion sense, who prefers to eat spaghettios straight from the can.  No offence to my readers who actually qualify for all of the above.


Assertagirl said...

As I read this post, Graham, Rudy and Farley are in bed with me, and the cats are thrilled to have been featured in today's post!

Shania said...

Well thank goodness it's the cat. I was a little scared to click through and see who lost his balls. And I'm sure Dallas appreciates the star.

Karen Sugarpants said...

You're a cat person? Humph. I may have to re-think this whole friendship.
Are you for or against chocolate mint? I need to know these things.

Whit said...

Shouldn't the star cover the whole pussy?

(that's a cat joke)

SciFi Dad said...

was the problem that you don't like spaghetti-o's cold?

Kyla said...

Wouldn't that be kitty p0rn?

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

LOL, I am sure the sickies will find you one way or another. Just because balls was in the post.