Friday, May 2

SHOWER TIME: Two's a Charm

Okay so I'm talking baby shower, not bathing shower though I probably need one...

Anyhow, the lovely ladies Kristen, Liz, and Julie dreamed up a baby shower and the Playdate posse thought it was a FANTASTIC idea. The lucky ladies are Her Bad Mother, Mrs. Chicky, and Mrs. Chicken who are all having their second child sooner rather than later (most wish it was already over for Pete's sake but oh no, we all know it's up to baby).

The theme is "Share your favourite ass/advice (either your own or someone else's) when it comes to having two kids. What could you have done without knowing and what were you more than happy to hear?" (read all the details HERE because it's not just for those who actually have two or more kids - it's for everyone and there are prizes - super awesome prizes).

So what advice / assvice does a parent of one, like me, have to offer? Ummmm if I was looking for a slap around I'd say "sleep when the baby sleeps and then laugh hysterically like a hyena while the recipient cries because she realizes that advice didn't work with the first one, how's it supposed to happen with another child running around". But I'm not an asshole so let me think of something else.

How about "listen to your instincts, they didn't fail you the first time around and now they are rock solid because you are a rock star momma now". Yes, that's it. Take that expertise and tell the world to be damned.

That and also don't forget to take 10,000 pics of the baby like you did last time as not to create any feelings of inadequacy. I'm the third in the family and there are something like three photos of me before the age of 12. Trust me, I noticed that there are pictures of every-single-freakin' one of my oldest sisters naps, diaper changes, facial expressions, and other significant milestones. I noticed folks. Maybe you don't need to match bambino number one pic numbers, but don't forget to catch their moments too.

Oh I kid, who has time to take snaps while baby and tot wrangling?

Anyhow, I love all you ladies and only send you the most wonderful wishes and support. Remember to lean on your online blog buddies because that's what brings us together - common misery and love of the little things life has to offer and celebrity gossip (or is that just me?).


So join in - all the details can be found over at Playdate.


Kyla said...

Man, I have WAY more photos of KayTar than BubTar. Sometimes we joke that he was our practice kid. Actually, though, my camera just sucked back then and I have become increasingly addicted to photographing things since then.

Mayberry said...

My little sister (#3) likes to tease my parents about this all the time. My baby book: nicely filled with milestones and little observations. My brother's: contains 1 lock of hair and a birth announcement clipped from the newspaper. My sister's: Still sealed in plastic wrap.

Backpacking Dad said...

I've already given my as-yet-unconceived second child a complex with all of the pictures of and writings about my daughter. I'm never going to be able to even it out. Not even close.

mothergoosemouse said...

I figure that my older two give Oliver enough attention to make up for the fact that he's third in line.

Heather said...

I'm hoping that's what happens when my #3 arrives in 3 weeks too, mothergoosemouse!

petite gourmand said...

that's great advice.

big daddy is the youngest of four boys and I think there is like one photo of him.
crazy seeing as he was by far the cutest!
then again I'm biased.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Oh Christ! I'm supposed to take pictures of this kid too??

I'm going to go hide under the covers for the next few weeks, if you don't mind.

(Thanks for the baby shower, you sweet thang. Can't wait to read all the "assvice".)

Her Bad Mother said...

You guys rock, that's all I know. ROCK.

Best advice for a mom having second child? HAVE AWESOME FRIENDS.

Jezer said...

Ah, man. You know what MY advice about have 2 is: Don't. I should probably keep that to myself, no? Those ladies are fearless, I tell you.

It's great to be here again, finally. I can't come over much during the work week b/c the filters won't let me click through to the site from my Google reader. Bah!

the mama bird diaries said...

I now have fresh guilt that I STILL haven't put a baby book together for my 2nd. Aghhhhh.... :)

mamatulip said...

Great advice, MB - especially the picture-taking bit. Yup. That's important.

Mrs. Chicken said...

The Poo has her own camera, and I'm going to make sure she has my back in the photo department. But you're right - there are hardly any photos of my kid brother, the third and last child.

Thanks for this!

Cindy said...

My "assvice"... wait 13 years between the two just like I did! Oh wait, too late for that! LOL It has it's pros and cons anyway. The 13 y/o could be a great help to you IF s/he was that kinda kid (I wasn't lucky there), but it truly was like starting over again. When my 1st child starts college, my 2nd will be starting kindergarten! Oh Boy!