Monday, May 5

Care to join the triad?

The truth will set you free.

Unless Chuck Norris has you, in which case, forget it.

Which reminds me, Backpacking Dad told me about this one that he heard about over at

Go to google
Type "find chuck norris" in search
Then click "I'm feeling lucky".
Fun times.

Speaking of fun times, recently I have been reflecting on some of the primary yet nonetheless fascinating, aspects of depression.

For instance the always fun depressive cognitive triad of self, the immediate world around that self, and that so bleak, you gotta pull the shades, future. In each of those corners, the member of the triad surround and transfix on only those always supportive negative thought processes.

Anyone else thinking High Kong Underworld when I say triad? Didn't think so. Anyhow, when one sees glimpses of these mobsters of the membrane kind, one can only laugh in it's face because recognition is one step in moving past it. Some may not agree, but consensus is impossible to attain in matters of the brain.

Now there's a puzzle for you lovers of challenges: map and solve the riddles of the human brain in the next 10 minutes please.

Anyhow, that constant focus on the negative permeates everything. Just like that red onion I forgot to wrap and left in the fridge last week. Cupcakes with onion essence? Not so nice. The onion needs to be removed and presented to the Glad Man.

Dude, that was some stylin' hair on the Glad Man. Remember him and his gleaming white everything. Nary a speck of dirt on the man who takes charge and takes out your trash. Good gravy, why can't I find a picture of the Glad Man? Why did I just say gravy? Google you have failed me, what did I ever do to you?

Speaking of taking out the trash - the forgetfulness from having head up the backside is difficult to figure out. Ugly stuff and the extraction for such a problem can be a slow process. It's not as difficult when it's not wedged too deep, but this only happens when the owner of said head notices it is kinda dark in there and decides to do something about it.

Another fun thing to think about is that kooky depressive attributional style. Which strangely enough has NOTHING to do with the actual lack of style that so many of those people who get hit by the depression bus lose. Or should I say: they "lose all sense of giving a shit about" style? Sometimes it's a fine line.

Anyhow this kind of style is like having a best friend that wants you to look like a loser, an absolutely disorganized slob. And like an anti-entourage, this friend works to keep chipping away at the ice cap known as cool exterior. Chipping ice makes it melt faster in case you didn't know.

Arm chair psychology is so much fun. Everyone should try it at home.

For all the studying, research participation, hours spent armpit deep in others studies and hypothesis up the ying-yang, I never took any specific courses in child psychology. I figured I'd never need something like that. Kids, schmids - give me the abnormal folk - now there are some peeps I can understand.

Not taking Paiget more seriously than how will this factoid be posed as an exam question: mistake # 1,298,712.

Holy crap - this is the WORST Monday Morning Inspirational I've written so far.

Um so yah, sometimes the truth won't set you free. Some days it will make you clamber to the back of the cage and cringe.

If you are looking for something lighter, I am talking about Barbara Walters sex life over at Binkywood... oh wait... that isn't much better is it now.


SciFi Dad said...

Actually, I did think Hong Kong mobsters when I read "Triad" in your title.

As for the rest, it was an entertaining meander through the recesses of your mind. (Well, except for the Baba Wawa sex part... ick.)

daysgoby said...

Wawa has sex? Say it aint so!

I think in the next few years you're going to see blogging become a recognized treatment (of sorts) for garden-variety depression - think about it. Lots of people reading your deepest feelings and commenting nice things about it?

And if you don't like it, click away.

Maybe I should stick with Chuck - I don't seem to be able to make the point I wanted! That's it! Chuck will make the points!

Backpacking Dad said...

crap. I totally left half a red onion unwrapped in the fridge last night.

Mayberry said...

Go out and get some more cupcakes, I say. Cures what ails ya.

Mandy said...

Mondays are always tough... but Wawa and sex in the same sentence... cleanse your keyboard woman!

Jezer said...

I am intentionally avoiding everything BW/sex-related this week. I don't think I can handle the imagery.

nomotherearth said...

OK, that Chuck Norris search made me laugh out loud and disturb the feeding baby.

watdawat said...

You're right sometimes the truth wont set you free and it will make you cringe. The best part however is that what made you cringe at that moment of truth will make you pee in your pants laughing at a different time.

kittenpie said...

I'm getting depressed, too, at the thought that Ms. Walters has a steamier sex life than me. sigh.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I have to admit, I have no idea what this post was about. The end stages of pregnancy make me dumber than a box of rocks so all I saw was "Triad" and immediately thought "Ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream?".

for a different kind of girl said...

There was a Glad Man? I don't remember a Glad Man. A man providing me with cupcakes would make me glad right now, though.

Lisa b said...

I feel smarter and yet confused after reading this.
All I know is that people have had a year to figure out my kid's MRI and no one's figured it out yet.
The secrets of the mind are so elusive.

Chag said...

Pump some Poison on your iPod. Either you a) love the band and start getting into their fun, good time sound or b) hate the band and start mocking their sound, lyrics, and look. Either way, you're having a good time.

Mac and Cheese said...

This gave me a headache, a furrowed brow, and I still feel confused. Even the word verification is messing me up now.

Cassey said...

Don't you hate when you can't find the picture you need it? Yes, that's the point I'm focusing on.

something blue said...

Try reading this post after watching a movie about Sylvia Plath. Luckily Chuck Norris is coming to find me.

Ms Picket To You said...

Booze is supposed to help I've heard, at least in the short term, like cupcakes. I'm thinking it was the booze that got Ms Walters in flagrante delicto.

Kyla said...

Depression is linked to the limbic system and of course, hormones and neurotransmitters. Super fun!

PS: Have final on neurology today, thanks for keeping my skills sharp. ;)

Janet said...

Nobody ever told the Glad Man not to wear white after Labour Day.

I pity him.

mamatulip said...

Dude. Of COURSE Chuck finds you first.