Wednesday, May 14


When I was kid, I used to spin things with my feet. No, not like a circus act, just a strange habit.

Stools were my usual victim and I would (using my feet) prop the seat upside down on it's side and holding the leg with one foot, use the other foot to spin the chair round and round. Continuously.

Carpet provided a nice cushion to prop the side without too much restriction. My toes clamped around the bottom of the leg as it rubbed up against my foot bottom.

I could do it for hours and I often did on Friday's when The Love Boat, Fantasy Island back to back episodes played. Not to mention Battlestar Gallactica or if there was a network special like Battle of the Stars. Oh yah, good spinning memories.

Cannot forget rainy Saturdays watching old movies on WLBZ from Bangor Maine. After school watching Eddie Driscoll and the Great Money Movies. Majority of time spent spinning.

It drove my mother nuts. Oh well, her issue, not mine. I think it was mainly because my brother was equally addicted to spinning and nothing beats two kids with furniture breaking habits. Between us, we probably broke every single one of those stools at least a dozen times.

They were mostly cast-off child-sized chairs or wood shop projects. But my Dad would always fix them, nothing some well applied wood glue and a strong clamp couldn't fix. Ain't that the truth.

Anyhow, I could go into my other habit of picking apart the armrest of the black vinyl couch in our rec room but I'll spare you. And uh YES, black vinyl and rec room - it was the 70's and there was also a lot of shag and orange involved - and an eight track player.

But back to the the spinning. It has been on my mind recently.

Bumper is a twirler. She twists and twirls her hair all the live long day. And I find it comforting for my own selfish reasons. I know I found spinning relaxing and reliable - almost like a special skill that I ruled at - a useless skill but a skill nonetheless.

And I think that's what she finds in twirling too: relaxation and comfort. She does it absentmindly sometimes, other times it's when she is faced with a new challenge, but mostly I notice it when she's asking a complex question - using new words. It's fascinating to watch.

So how about you? What was your comfort quirk when you were a kid (habitual behind locked door habits aside - I don't want to hear about that pleeeeeze). I haven't met someone yet that didn't eat paper or paste, bite their nails, split split ends, unstuff feather pillows or break lab slides in half (oh wait, that was me again) out of habit.


SciFi Dad said...

This is gonna be gross, but... hair plucking. I obsessively pluck hairs off my face: eyebrows or facial hair.

Assertagirl said...

When I was a little wee Ame, I used to suck my thumb while rubbing the satin on this little pink satin blanket I had. My brother pulled the fuzz from a blanket.


Mayberry said...

I was a thumbsucker for a long time (so is my daughter). And I used to wear my very straight hair in two ponytails. There was a smooth part right at the very top of each ponytail just on the outside of the elastic--I loved to rub that spot.

Kyla said...

Josh was a hair twirler and he actually gave himself a bald spot as a kiddo!

You can spin chairs and I can juggle. We could do our own little BlogHer circus act. LOL.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I was (am) a skin picker. My sister is too but much worse. She's actually scared her chin because she's so obsessive about it.

I know, eeew gross.

mamatulip said...

I sucked my fingers when I was a kid, which, as a result, landed me with a mouthful of silver. My fingers rubbing against my teeth made little callouses on my fingers, and my mom used to tell me that if I didn't stop sucking my fingers, a chicken would pop out of the callous. For a long time I thought I grew eggs on my fingers.

I also rubbed my sheets and pillowcases back and forth between my fingers. I still do that, rub soft material. It is so comforting.

Mandy said...

Thumb sucking to 6 years of age.

But cuticle biting/tearing. Still do it. My hands are often a mess.

Heather said...

Oh I was a perfect child and never drove my parents nuts.


anymommy said...

Here's a weird one. I turned my tongue over and sucked on it. I just tried, I can still do it.

Ali said...

i pick at my scalp. my sister too.
we are total freaks of nature!

petite gourmand said...

I was a nail biter.
far from in now though, seeing as I'm germ obsessed.

oh and I once took a bite of a bonnie bell lip smacker.
hey it was root beer flavour- I couldn't resist.

Janet said...

I can't remember what I did as a young kid, but once I learned to type in high school, I used to constantly 'type' words with even letters to see if each hand would get an equal number of letters to type. Um, obessesive much? On the upside, I can keyboard super fast.

Wow, that sounds even weirder when it's written down. Off to take my meds!

kittenpie said...

Oh, yeah, I chewed pencils, ate glue, chewed my hair, bit my nails, and so on. For a short time, I had a weird hickey on my upper arm when as a really young kid, I used to suck on my arm. NOt my thumb, mind, my arm. Kids are weird.

Lisa b said...

I'm a nail biter. gross I know.

the mama bird diaries said...

Boring thumb sucker.

Wait, wasn't Love Boat and Fantasy Island on Saturday nights? I only remember b/c that was the special night when i got to watch TWO hours of TV.

Chag said...

I, too, was under the impression that Love Boat/Fantasy Island were on Saturday nights. But I have little to no recollection of my childhood, so I could be mistaken.

As a result, I don't really know of any quirks I exhibited at a young age other than just being me.

nomotherearth said...

I move the cartilage at the base of my thumb back and forth with my index finger. Psycho much??

Rusti said...

nothing exciting...sucked my thumb... and bit my nails... still do that one when I'm bored or nervous... lovely!

for a different kind of girl said...

I was and still am a proud member of the hair twirler club. God, I freakin' love to twirl my hair. This speaks to my overall lack of beneficial hobbies as a an adult. Or not.

I just like to twirl.