Monday, April 28

Teaser #2

I know it's Monday morning (well at least for another hour or so in my books) and maybe your brain is feeling kinda fuzzy. Maybe it needs a bit of a work out to get you ready for the week ahead. That dreaded, long, torturous week that stretches so long sometimes before the next weekend comes (or is that just me?).


Just start here at Teaser #1 (if you haven't already been there) and then just like the tease that I was accused of more times in the past than I care to count... here is Teaser #2:

Now go to Teaser #3 to find out what's next.

And after that go to Teaser #4 and you'll see a pattern.

See? Look, it's Teaser #5!.

And then... (that's right... drumroll please....) Teaser #6.

Got it? Good.

Oh and I didn't forget my usual injection for Monday Mornings: Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

And right now sexy open shirt Chuck is waiting for you to go to the next Teaser.