Saturday, January 5

Left Wing

She's definitely left-winged

It's hard to believe considering her parents - heck 99% of her relatives (save for Great Aunt R but she always has been "different") - well, how does she become left when all her cues and examples have been demonstrated to the contrary?

Nay, despite the representations set before her, Bumper is 100% left.

We noticed it very early on.

From the get go she just took things differently - basically the exact opposite way we would have done it.

Bumper approached everything differently.

Yup - our daughter is inexplicably left-handed and we "righties"* just don't know how to deal with it.
* in ability not that political mumbo-jumbo witchcraft - but I was raised to not discuss "that" topic on my site lest you be eating dinner while enjoying my post and then you get all "what a rude blogger" on my butt. Don't even get me started on religion.

I googled leftorium and much to my shagrin surprize - these stores exist - all over the freakin' world. Ned Flanders dream wasn't that far-fetched after all.

Oh crap. Will she need special equipment when she goes to school? Are we going to have to fill out paperwork to request this stuff?

Are we going to have to join the school parenty participation thingy to ensure she isn't left behind - because we are the kind of parents that don't want to be too ... ummm... for lack of a better word "be involved"? It would seriously cut into our social lives*.
* if we had one

Back when I was in grade school, there was always at least one kid who arrived at the first day and started whining making inquiries about a left-handed desk. I can still see George the caretaker rolling of his eyes because he was always in charge of delivering the desk. That desk that usually threw off the classroom symmetry. Oh how that bugged the OCD side of me.

OK - I'm totally kidding.

Not about my OCD-side but about the entire left-handed thing. No hate mail / comments please.

I love and respect both hands and all their wonderful abilities. I really, really do. Feel the love with which ever hand you want to use.

So yah - big deal, Bumper's left handed.

According to my ability to google stuff besides pictures of Viggo Mortensen nekkid research her left-handed brain processes information using a "visual simultaneous" method which is far superior to our right-handed brains feeble "linear sequential" method.

How I get food into my mouth, walk without injury, and use the potty is beyond me. At least I can count how many times I bump into the wall and fall off the toilet.
Oh and also according to my research she will be a crack-ninja because the martial arts will come to her like she lives in The Matrix (ed. note: that may be a possible exaggeration).

That fact alone might explain my last post.

Let's just hope that I will stop driving my kid nuts by handing everything to her the "right" way and trying to help her the "right" way - it's just a matter of time before she starts muttering "stupid mommy" under her breath.


Two Shews said...

Um, yeah. Me and hubs are both left handed, and both of our kids are righties. Talk about weird!

VICTORIA said...

I think that diagram is great, it actually makes a lot of sense. My sis is a lefty, very creative/artsy fartsy. Me, righty, and very logical. My sister is in graphic design, I a nurse. Hmmm...all my kiddos so far are righties.

Serendipity, baby! said...

I'm one of those weirdo mid brain kids - no idea how my parents coped with that.

Gabriella said...

Funny thing is that a few years ago my mom told me that I used to pick crayons up with my left but she would always put it in my right this day I still do some things with my left...

nomotherearth said...

Mr Earth would be THRILLED if one of our boys was a southpaw. The Boy is rightie so ge's only got one shot left (no pun intended).

Jezer said...

Eh, all the school paraphernalia now is non-discriminatory and works equally well for all-handed kids. It usually takes me a few months to even realize that one of my students is a lefty.

I think this is just another manifestation of Bumper's extraordinariness!

Sugarplum's Mom said...

My brother is a lefty and on my dad's side, only one of 6 of my couins is right handed. (Don't know about the other 3)
Hubby and I are right-handed, and it's looking like Sugarplum is gonna be a lefty.

mothergoosemouse said...

the school parenty participation thingy - LMAO

How I get food into my mouth, walk without injury, and use the potty is beyond me. At least I can count how many times I bump into the wall and fall off the toilet. - LMAO some more

MB, you kill me.

Redneck Mommy said...

I'm a righty in a family of south paws.

Go figure.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Teach her to play baseball. She'll be deadly, in a good way.

Kyla said...

Lefties ROCK. And I'm not saying that because I'm totally biased and surrounded by righties or anything.

Chag said...

I think my son may be ambidextrous. But none of us are lefties, either.

And I agree. I keep politics and religion off my site. It's safer that way.

Oh, The Joys said...

So now that we've got the lefty thing down... I want to hear about the OCD because I think The Mayor has this and I know nothing about it.

This morning at breakfast he could not, WOULD NOT eat until he put a chair back where it "belongs". If things aren't in the order he expects them to be, a NEED takes over. I don't know how to deal.

kittenpie said...

Huh. I was fully ambi until I hit about four and went to school, but my writing was TERRIBLE for a long time until my coordination got better. And my dad was a leftie by nature, but was forced by teachers to write on the right, so now he holds a hammer on his left, but a pencil on his right. So at least it's become accepted now and people are less likely to think she's, say, a witch or something. Even if she is a left-handed weirdo...

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Ohhh! Payton is left-handed.

Be afraid. Very afraid.

(heh. just kidding! I lurve my kid)

Ali said...

i think isabella might be a lefty. at what age can you tell??

NotSoSage said...

At least I can count how many times I bump into the wall and fall off the toilet.


I'm a sucker for left brain/right brain jokes.

My brother went from being right-handed to left-handed after his brain injury. That always fascinated me.

Joe's advice on handedness: if you want her to be a drummer, encourage her to use the hand she DOESN'T naturally use so that she's as ambidextrous as possible. Not that you want her to be a drummer...

something blue said...

I used to love watching the girls when they were first learning coordination and it appeared that they were ambidextrous. Then slowly the preference came about. Repetition? Brain influence or just the preferred hand from in the womb? hmmmmm....

SciFi Dad said...

Things have changed. My father was born a lefty in Italy, and the nuns at his school (yes, nuns) used to tie his left hand behind his back to force him to use the "non-sinister" hand.

And when he had both free and used his left, they would make him kneel on a bag of rocks and hold his hands steady. Every time he flinched, they nailed his left knuckles with a ruler.

He writes with his right hand, but in most stuff he is clearly a lefty. So are my mother and sister. Somehow, I'm righty (although maybe somewhat ambi).

Janet said...

All of my freakin' kids are left-handed, while their daddy and I are righties (although, the toddler hasn't completely made up her minds yet). I don't know how that happened.