Wednesday, January 30

humpty dumpty sat on a blog

So Blah month is almost over.

Well that's what I call January. I know I'm not alone on thinking January sucks monkey balls because I read in your posts (yeah, I'm talking about you - and you too). Most folks ooze mopey and extreme tiredness (myself included).


Why not? I've packed on a layer of fat over the Holidays, my body can feed on that while I slumber until... let's say May to be safe.

Might as well make those belly rolls work for me (hear that muffin-top? I want you to work - but with no exertion from me, okay?).

And totally off tangent: leave it to the wonderfully off-beat and innovative Germans to create a nude airline. Seriously, do you really want to sit on the seats of that plane? Gives a whole new meaning to skid marks on the runway doesn't it? Please, please let them have plastic covers on the seat.

Now we swerve to the left and hit NoMeatPoWeek updates:

Hump day in NoMeatPoWeek and so far I've been veggie all the way.

Monday I recorded over at BlogHers Act Canada.

Tuesday night there was a close call involving precious, precious (*drool*) pepperoni but my will power won and I ate the veggie pizza.

Actually Tuesday was crap-day all-day but at least there was no meat. Kids has KD for lunch and I ate along it with them. And yes, I do expect that nomination for Homemaker of the Year to come any day now.

Today: pancakes for breakfast and I had veggie pizza leftovers for lunch. Tonight I've planned spaghetti with tomato sauce and yummy garlic bread.

I know - keep down your excitement folks. Hold onto your seats, the inspiration never ends in these parts.

But wait, there is more:

Tomorrow we are having Potato Soup for dinner!

Yes I needed to add that "!" at the end because OH MY HOLY HECK this is a boring post.

The ol' creative box on top of me slopping shoulders is in serious need of an irrigation - digging out some of that primordial gunk that keeps plugging up my blogging abilities is required stat.

Wait a sec, do I have blogstipation? Seriously, I'm just filled to the brim with half-baked, immature observations that just don't fit together (in fact, see this very post for an example of this affliction).

Thank goodness January will be over soon because I can't take it anymore. The only thing that keeps me going is I keep telling myself that at least it's not February.

What do you mean February starts this Friday? OMG, didn't they do that last year? What the hell is up with these kill-joy months all falling one after the other? This is so cruel.

I'm going back to bed.


kittenpie said...

Oh, but you don't want plastic, either - the ripping sound when someone gets up alone would be painful. mayb crinkly paper like the doctor's examining table? Hm. Loud. Mayb BYOTowel?

And hey - we inadvertantly ate veg last night, too, with mushroom pizza. Whoot!

nomotherearth said...

Mac and Cheese is my favourite veggie alternative. I love me some pepperoni, so I can't do it with pizza, I'm afraid...

SciFi Dad said...

veggie pizza is unnatural... like having diet coke with a big mac

mamatulip said...

LOL @ SciFi Dad. Or like people going into McDonald's, ordering a double quarter pounder meal with a coke, supersizing it and then telling the cashier they don't want salt on their fries because, and I quote, "Gotta watch the ol' figure here" while they exhale loudly and pat their drooping, jiggling gut. And then the cashier has to go over to the fry station and drop a new basket of fries just for this stupid bastard, who will no doubt complain about having to wait a full four minutes for his fresh, unsalted fries. And she'll have to wipe out the fry holder and the fry scoop and make sure that not ONE GRAIN OF SALT lands on his fries, or else. OR ELSE!

Yes, I used to work at McDonald's. Why do you ask?

the mama bird diaries said...

These winter months are just killing me. So I went to Boca for a week. And now I have post vacation winter now feels even worse weather depression (self-diagnosed).

a beaverhausen said...

Potato soup goes well with bacon bits. Sorry to pollute the meat-free endeavor...but facts are facts.

Kyla said...

My inner germaphobe is jumping up and down and screaming about that airline. OMG. It is like sitting on a toilet...only toilets have those little paper inserts and get bleached fairly often. Or you can do that squatty above the seat maneuver. I don't think you can do the squatty hover for an entire flight.

Are all pizza boxes rectangular in Canada?

I kind of loved this post, for what it's worth, but January does suck. So does 2008, but that's neither here nor there. LOL.

something blue said...

I actually prefer veggie pizza. It is a lot less greasy.

With this blizzard weather, potato soup sounds dreamy and worthy of exclamation points!