Friday, November 16

score (not that you'd know by looking)*

* edit to add: the "not that you'd know by looking" was added because when I originally published this post Blogger wasn't allowing me to upload the photos which made this post very lame.

Best eight bucks spent in ages. I'm glad I went this week - the Toronto Public Library Book Ends stores are awesome.

This purchase just proves how immature I am.

Also, I am confident enough to believe that somewhere out in the great big blogosphere, there is at least one other person who considers this a great find.
edit add: Cynical Dad asked "So how does [Mad] fare today?" - these Mad magazines are all from between 1987 - 1992 and are still as stupid brilliant as my childhood memories. And are in surprizingly great condition. Which makes me wonder what had caused some Parental Unit to confiscate them so soon after purchase. They are seriously in really great condition.

Double word score - this month's Martha Stewart for 50 cents. You know, if you are in to that kind of thing.

Of course something for the kidlet who was very patient. It's a complete collection in good condition. She loves her animal facts.

What has been your best second hand find? Come on now, share. I still haven't topped my Perry Ellis linen wide leg trousers for a dollar.


Mac and Cheese said...

Good scores overall, except the 50 cents for Living. I once made a Martha soup recipe and it took me 6 hours! I'd have spent that 50 cents on gum knowing what I know now.

b*babbler said...

Ooh.. Best second hand find? Coveted Sarah McLachlan original black Live album on CD. Found in a bin of used cd's, picked up for something like $3.


Chag said...

I used to live on Mad Magazine & Cracked when I was a kid.

So how does it fare today?

mothergoosemouse said...

Very cool! We have a big box of Mad magazines that Kyle has carted around for years.

something blue said...

That's awesome. I always want to buy more magazines and books. Your deal was a steal!

Maddy said...

So the Good Food Magazine doesn't find favour?

nomotherearth said...

I got a Gap sweater for 50 cents. Wore it for years.

kittenpie said...

My best scores have been free scores. Lots of furniture finds, but also two books I plucked out of a book sale pile at a library I used to work at and then sold to a dealer for $800. Then turned around and spent a couple hundred on a lovely Ralph Steadman-illustrated Alice that I never would have bought myself if that hadn't been found money. And today I probably still wouldn't do it, but it IS awesome.

Denguy said...

Love the old MAD mags. My father actually had a subscription that my older brother eventually took over. we had loads of them from the 70s.

Lisa b said...

I live for deals but really never find anything like this months martha for fifty cents. A friend got me a subscription last year and it made me miserable because I am far too lazy to do the work required by martha and then I just feel like not trying at all. Too much martha is not a good thing for my sanity.

We joined this club where we buy gift cards and then get 20% refunded, Gas, homedepot, bay, toys r us.
nothing for fifty cents though.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I haven't looked at a Mad magazine for years but I used to love them. Definitely a good score.

Janet said...

I used to love MAD magazine. I would consider that a score.

Best second hand adventure? Enough floppy garden hats, fancy gloves, costume jewellry and sparkly dress up clothes to fill up a trunk to open on Christmas Day. All for about $25 at Value Village.