Saturday, November 3

my personal cute overload

Somebody graduated puppy school this week:

That would be my In-Laws dog.

Would that maker her my dog-in-law? Dunno, I never can keep this relation stuff in order.

Not to be outdone:

We plan on retiring as soon as she makes the WNBA.

Obviously Emmett is feeling threatened. It's hard not to be suspicious when he is looking so angelic.

Now some shameless self-promotion:

Because we are insane over there (some more than others) mommyblogstoronto is crazy enough to take part in NaBloPoMo - come and visit. A new column has launched today - music to the max: pop rocks.

Are you doing NaBloPoMo too? Let's go insane together:

Join me and MBT over at NaBloPoMo.



Mac and Cheese said...

Your cat is starting to freak me out, man! He teletransports into drawers and he has exocist eyes!

kgirl said...

Yeah, that's a lot of cute you've got goin' on. And by the way, your cat looks like she's hanging on the wall in velvet relief.

motherbumper said...

that was the exact effect I was going for

Kyla said...

Very cute. Except for maybe the freaky cat. LOL.

More MBT can only be a good thing.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...


From my cat to yours.

something blue said...

Can I just say that I heart your photo skills? Please teach me the ways!