Wednesday, October 31

with dreams of sugar pumpkins dancing in her head

She wanted to sleep with the pumpkin last night.

She cried and crouched down by her bedroom door to cry out "pummmmmmmkin.... want pummmmmmmmmmkin".

It's that kind of crying that really gets me.

I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. It's that cry-sob with shaky words. The one where she really, really, REALLY, wants something and you know that deep down - somewhere in between thinking about how to score more chocolate and asking to watch more tv - she just knows she isn't going to get it what she is asking for.

It's a sad, sad sound.

But I didn't give in. No pumpkin(s) slept with her. I easily refused to give into her cries because I knew today will be a completely "spoil thy child" kind of day.

Today she will discover that the odds are in her favour for accomplishing some of her dreams.

I know for a fact that she probably will get hopped up on sugar and completely OD candy & chocolate from numerous, often undetected and unseen sources (old folks in building, the guy at the store who always slips her gum, and the like) and she will probably get some extra tv while mommy runs around trying to finish her costume because I'm that kinda parent.

My name is neither Martha or Stewart - and that is a good thing. I'd never make it out of this house alive if I woke up as Martha. The new "it's a f***in' good thing*" Motherbumper Stewart would probably die of exhaustion trying to get the grout clean in the bathroom (an impossible and proven to be a doomed mission).
* trademarked by the motherbumper corporation

Anyhow, Bumper will probably get chocolate, tv, and knowing my luck - she will get to cart around that damn pumpkin all day long.

I wonder if I'll need a double stroller or should I just stick it in the Bjorn?

Hey - I'm curious, has anyone out there ever know anyone (or a half-sister of a friend of friend of your second cousin twice removed) that found a razor blade in an apple? I've always wondered if that was as wide-spread as the warnings we heard as kids or just a nasty rumour started by the candy industry.

our actual pumpkin: carved by SB

I hope all your candy corn laden dreams come true.

Oh yes, and Emmett was flattered by your concerns regarding his recent illegal imprisonment.

No joke: on Monday night SB did a cat-sweep before leaving Bumper's room at bedtime and found the "I'm not fat, I'm big boned" portly Dallas wedged in the same drawer. I had closed that drawer about 15 minutes before the Dallas discovery and I swear [SWEAR!] that there was no cat(s) in the sock drawer. In fact, because of the previous nights antics, I actually looked for and found no cats.

So those feline offspring of ours either have a back entrance to the bureau or I'm just batshit crazy.

Just don't tell me what your answer would be - okay?

There is a new review up at motherbumper's laboratory - SquidSoap to encourage hand washing! What will they think of next?


Jenny said...

Dude. Who *wouldn't* want to sleep with that pumpkin?

Anonymous said...

wow you're actually making the costume, well you ROCK. All I have to do it purchase the darn thing which I will be madly rushing around to do this morning before heading to work! :)

Janet said...

Sweet picture.

Today is a day of indulgence. The toddler has already ingested Smarties (a bribe to keep her in the stroller while I had blood taken), a lollipop (a bribe to keep her in her stroller while I perused the used bookstore next to the takers of blood) and a free chocolate chip cookie at the grocery store (meh, the day had already gone to hell).

It's okay though, I just force fed her a banana to make up for the nutritional powerhouse morning.

something blue said...

It's totally up to daycare to provide all nutritional content to my girls today. They are getting nothing but mini chocolate bars from me.

I'm thinking there is high quality cat nip tucked away in that drawer. My fear was always that I'd start the dryer with my cats in it. I was obsessive compulsive checking the dryer numerous times every time.

Redneck Mommy said...

My kids wanted to sleep with their pumpkins too! I, of course, said no, being the big meanie I am, and then proceeded to accidentally drop both of them and smashing them when I was carting them back to the kitchen.

Slippery bastards.

(The pumpkins...not the kids.)

Needless to say, I'm in the bad books and will have to figure out a way to soothe the savage beasts my children became when they discovered mommy smashed their dreams.

I facking love Halloween. Can you tell?

JayJenny said...

Happy Halloween!

kittenpie said...

If we can get some dinner in AROUND the candy, I'll be happy. Once in a while, for occasions like this, you are allowed to let go, I figure. What the hell. I know I'll be all up in the twizzlers!

Kyla said...

KayTar had two licks of a lollipop at the peds office today because she became disgusted. We're wild and crazy! LOL.

That type of crying is just pitiful.

nomotherearth said...

The Boy wanted to sit IN the pumpkin this morning. It took a lot of smoothtalking to convince him that he was too big to fit. He kept saying "I'm small! I'm small!" How do you argue with that?

Gabriella said...

I love that pumpkin so scary looking! As I type this I'm already knee deep in Samantha's loot that she raked in tonite! The girl won't eat brocoli, carrots or any other veggies but she will eat her Kit Kat!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

The Happy Boy took his pumpkin to the park yesterday afternoon. It wasn't worth the pitiful cries to keep it home.

Besides, what pumpkin wouldn't love a good ride on the slide?

Mac and Cheese said...

I no longer feel bad for your cat. He is either an idiot or he knows something that you don't.

...and that thing about being batshit crazy.