Monday, October 15

Next topic please

Overheard at lunch:

SB: Daddy is talking to Mommy right now, please don't interrupt.

Bumper: No! Daddy talk to Bumper.

SB realizing that there is no arguing with that request:

SB: What are we going to talk about?

Bumper: Dog poop.

Let me explain.

We took a pre-dinner walk together and on the way back to our apartment, we saw a man with three dogs. They were playing in the little grassy area by our building, two small terriers and one large hound. As soon as we were right by them, the two smaller dogs squatted and did their business. Bumper thought this was hilarious and declared what they were doing very loudly for all to hear.

Poop seems to be at the top of the pop list for Bumper these days. She has figured out what is going on and now she's fascinated with others doing it.

Before we finished watching the dogs, Bumper told me she wanted to stay and see if the "huge dog poop?".

I did not fulfil that request.

Mean mommy? No. Grossed out mommy? Yes - very. I have to draw the line somewhere.


Speaking of poop:

Poop is dirty and makes evil laundry. Over at motherbumper's laboratory I've reviewed a new updated OxiClean stain remover which worked as claimed - which makes me very very happy.


Oh and how could I not be part of this - check out the link below - it's Blog Action Day for the Environment

How is my family doing it? No more juice boxes, no more regular light bulbs, we use washable rags over disposable paper when cleaning, using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable, and now we are joining the year-long toxic battle to ban Bisphenol A. Read about it over at BlogHers ACT Canada. Find out what you can do to make the world a little less toxic.


daysgoby said...

Oh, but poop is such a deep and multi-layered topic!

Rosey is enthralled with poop - her latest is coming out of the bathroom half-starkers, little butt swinging, as she runs all over the house to find her father and invite him to come see her poop.

He graciously declines, bu she thinks it's just the best thing ever.

Kyla said...

KayTar isn't into poop...but she does like to follow her brother into the bathroom to try and see him pee. I think she's thinking "How come he gets a water gun?" LOL.

Alley Cat said...

Plenty of dog poop over here! Help yourself!

Sonja said...

My two year old came in my office the other day and held his finder up to me and said "boo boo, mommy" I was busy getting my research paper done and took his finger and kissed it to make it all better.... as soon as I kissed it, I realized he meant poo poo! Yuck!

I guess they are just obsessed with poop at this age!

mothergoosemouse said...

I resolve not to complain any more about merely having to say "poop" in order to elicit giggles.

jennie said...

In the midst of toilet training at our house, poop is a common and frequent topic of discussion. I draw the line at using "poop" as an adjective - such as "poop face" or "poop monster". It's just too much to bear, even for me.

nomotherearth said...

Why ever would you not want to stay to see the poop...??

I kid.

kittenpie said...

Ha. We had a week or two of the words "poo poo butt" being the root of all hilarity. Oh, yay. Thankfully, it passed.

Redneck Mommy said...

Nothing like poop to entertain the masses under the age of oh, say twelve.

Please tell me poop will be less entertaining by the time my kids hit twelve....

b*babbler said...

We have a golden retriever. I can't wait until the Peanut realizes how much poop a dog that size can produce. Fun times ahead, I'm sure.

kgirl said...

we have taught bee to say, 'excuse me' before interrupting someone. Now she just yells, 'exsnoooze me!' louder and louder until we pay attention. but the poop story was very cute.

Chag said...

The poop talk never ends.

You're doing NaBloPoMo again? Didn't you get enough of that last year?

Rusti said...

I'm even embarassed to watch my dog pooping in our own yard... I tend to look anywhere but his direction - especially when there are other people around... why do I feel guilty for my dog doing what nature intended?? Maybe because he'd like a little privacy too!! ;) Have a GREAT day!!

Mof2 said...

So's such an open ended subject! Pumpkin is just now talking about the doggie pooping and we can't seem to hear about anything else.

something blue said...

But do you know how much fun it is to gross out mommy?