Wednesday, October 3

come on now... say something, pleeeeze?

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007
A few times last year, I saw these delurking days and thought they were a great thing. It kinda forced me to say something everywhere I went and it was fun. So I was very pleased when I saw one was coming up today.

A huge thank you to the folks behind this one. Sweet looking button and good call.

So if you are new to blogging, what this means is please leave a comment - even if all it says is "Hi".

Delurk Dammit! I'm a blogger not a mind reader!

Whoops. That sounded rude.

I promise I won't bite and sometimes I even respond, in person.


All responses are via email. My lawyer and the judge said that is how it must be done from now on.

So sometimes I send emails, that is - if you fill in your email - which many folks don't.

*big sigh* I sometimes like to say something back and there is no way for me to do it *big sad clown face*

omg - that picture is going to be in my nightmares tonight - I just know it. I hate mo'fo' clowns.

But back to what I was talking about. I can swear on a stack of whatever Holy Book you respect that I've never thought a comment was stupid (wacky? Yes, stupid? Hell no).

All I want to say is I love the fact that a post made you want to say something.

Even if it is a comment that says something like:

"Hi! I read your post motherbumper and I think..":

(a) that was funny!
(b) you are insane
(c) your parents had no control over you and you should sue them for negligence
(d) your kid is cute
(e) you make Britney look like a nun

But not this nun:
Yup - I'm going to Hell for sure.

Sorry to rat you out Sister Mary Margaret.


cerebralmum said...

It's not just your dreams that clown is going to be in tonight. Cree-py!

I think I'll have to take a leaf from Sister Mary Margaret's book just to get some sleep.

btw - unless you use a google or blogger account, there isn't actually a field for commenters to leave their emails.)

Mouse said...

Somehow, even though I comment from time-to-time, I feel compelled to leave a comment on delurking day.

Jezer said...

I've been sucking at commenting lately, but that doesn't mean that I'm not reading! I hope you rack up the comments today! Happy mfdd!

motherbumper said...

cerebralmum - thank you, I had no idea that is how the email thing worked! Sorry 'bout the clown-thing.

Mouse - I will feel the same way when I go surfing today - thanks for saying hello :)

Jezer - I also suck at commenting lately and that is why I'm doing this - I will be leaving comments like the most annoying surfer EVER today :)

SciFi Dad said...

I'm here, and reading (and swiping that button and theme to append to the end of today's post), although I could do without the clown.

Thanks for telling me about this. I've been finding the comments lacking lately, so I hope this brings them out of the woodwork.

kgirl said...

Sister Mary Margaret is my kind of nun.

Assertagirl said...

Who doesn't love to see a nun hit the bong?

Kyla said...

Is there a choice F for all of the above? ;)

b*babbler said...

The horror.
The horror.
The clown.
The horror.

Now that's playing hardball!

I may have to join Sister Mary Margaret's convent to recover. Seriously.

Lisa b said...

That clown is creepy.
That nun is awesome.
Why don't you email me? Too busy courting your lurkers? I want more candy MB - stop ignoring my emails.

bubandpie said...

Interesting approach - SCARING lurkers into commenting with SCARY clowns. (Worked for me, though, didn't it?)

something blue said...

I think you're a hottie. Who are you again? Motherbumphead? Sorry, I'm feeling whacky and just a wee bit stoopid.

(You really are hot.)

PunditMom said...

De-lurked! sorry -- I clearly have too many blog commitments on my Google Reader!

Crystal said...

I am a part time lurker, I confess.

Liberal Homeschooler said...

I scared, too. Not of the fugly clown, though. If I participate in this delurking day, then I'll know exactly how many readers I don't have on my new blog.

It still counts as a new blog if it's been up for a few months, but I just don't add to it, right?

Alley Cat said...

I'd swipe the button too but I don't know how. I wouldn't swipe the clown though.

Two Shews said...

I'm out here and I really enjoy reading your blog-- even though you just scared me a little with the clown.

You have a really unique perspective that's fun to hear. Also, your kid is cute.

Chag said...

Hi! I read ALL your posts motherbumper and I think..:

(a) you are very funny!

jennie said...

Some days I feel kind of funny, maybe even witty, but why is it that today is delurking day? A day where I cannot come up with a single smartass thing to say?

I'll return. I'm here often.

Sonja said...

I am new to blogging...

love your blog have it linked in my blog! bumper seems to be an awesome kid!

bye the way... that clown will give me nightmares too!

mothergoosemouse said...

motherbumper, you get me all hot and bothered.

ktjrdn said...

I'm here often. You know, since you agreed to have your picture taken with me and all at blogher I had to come check your site out. but I'm far too lazy to comment often. I'm a horrible blogger.

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, I loves me some bong hittin' nuns.

nomotherearth said...

No more creepy clown pictures - okay! I'm short on sleep as it is.

Janet said...

I am not a *true* lurker, as I have commented, though it's been awhile.

So, sometimes I lurk; but I always enjoy.

PS nice nun/bong picture.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Ack! Clown!

(runs away in horror)

lildb said...

um, I love you more than cookies?

does that count?

Mrs. Imelda said...

Hi Motherbumber,

I just read your post and I think all of the above (and I will have nightmares about creepy clowns)

Heather said...

Hi! I read your post motherbumper and I think...

you are very funny!

Gabriella said...

Hi it's me!

Mimi said...

that clown is freaking me out. shudder.

not a lurker, but hi anyways ....

Jenny said...

Hi. My name is Jenny and I'm an alcoholic.

Oops...wrong blog.

Don Mills Diva said...

If that nun picture can't get a comment, nothing can!

Love your blog

Redneck Mommy said...

A day late and a dollar short.

Story of my life.

Still, I'm here, and waving madly to catch your attention!

Bloor West Mama said...

I am also a day late...but hey better late then never. right?

Anywho, just stopping to say *hi* and that I like your pertty button. You gots to give us button-creating-challenged-bloggers a lesson.

ciao ciao

daysgoby said...

Delurking a day late (and a dollar short) to say hi!

I've seen your (hilarious) comments on a few blogs (The canadian post on The Blogess leaps to mind) but have never made it over until now.

I'll be back. (she said in a non-stalkerish way.)

Sandra said...

I'm a baaad baaad blog reader. Coming out of the woodwork to say I hope to give my friend a hug in person real, real soon

Tracey said...

Yo. Lurky lurky.

kittenpie said...

Hell, I'm ALWAYS commenting to tell you your kid is cute... It's getting embarrassing, really. Some day she'll read your blog and be all, "Who is this kittenpie person? She's freaking me out."

Laural Dawn said...

I have no idea why I rarely comment but I love your blog. The funny thing is it's set up on my favourites at home not at work - so I kind of read all your posts on the weekend.
Anyway, reading and enjoying!

Mr. Imelda said...

You are freakin' funny, lady!

Keep up the good work, or that nun will be after you for sure!

PS: dig the Beat girl on your header!

tanya25m said...


I'm delurking.... Sorry it took so long!!

mm said...

For some reason... I always find myself here on the days I'm the most down about parenting... you always have me smiling at some point.
So yeah... Hi!
late to the party as usual

Rusti said...

A bit late I know, but you sure do make me laugh - thanks. :)