Monday, September 24

Oh yes it's Monday, it's definitely Monday

I hear ya' kid
I know it's Monday. So far today:

Went to the chiropractor's office and she was out sick. Office didn't phone me so I showed up for an appointment that wasn't going to happen.

Now, if I did that to them I'd have to pay 100% of the visit.

If they do it to me, I get a shrug of the shoulders and no promise of anything on the next visit.

You know what that means: I find a new chiropractor.

After shaking my head in disappointment (my back HURTS!), we went to the playground and got attacked by angry wasps. No bites but almost twisted my ankle escaping with Bumper.

Came home to two piles of hairballs. EWWWWWWW!

Oh and the same cats left me a shit surprize outside the litter box. Double EWWWWW!

And it gets better:

Bumper refuses to nap AND she decided I needed some poo art. No not pop art - poo art.

Damn lucky she is cute, that's all I can say on that.

Oh god, it's only 1:30 pm. I'm screwed.

right back at ya' kitty

Oh and that whole issue with Facebook not allowing photos of breastfeeding.

Yeah, well screw you Facebook, I'm joining The League of Maternal Justice - check it out now!

Go and get your button (designed by yours truly):

It can only get better, right?

btw - I approved an extra episode of *shiver* Dora the Distracter just to get this post up. I needed to vent. Please share, my misery loves company.


SciFi Dad said...

hmmm... facebook or the YMCA... who will be more hated after the recent events?

Lisa b said...

Bah send the chiros office a bill. Better, tell her they didn't call and give her a chance to do something about it. If she doesn't then find a new one.

Great buttion.

nomotherearth said...

I LOVE thu button. Sorry your day was so sucky. Hope it improves. I've heard that red wine helps. I've been dry for 31 weeks and 5 days (not that I'm counting), or I'd raise a glass in your honour.

b*babbler said...

What is it with those angry bees/wasps right now? We had to abandon a trip to the park after on a minute on the swing due to the craziness. Madness I tell you!

metro mama said...

Great button!

Kyla said...

Love the button!

Ewww...that is one nasty Monday morning. LOL. I am sorry. Hang in there!

mothergoosemouse said...

When we were selling our apartment back east, I lived in fear that the realtor would bring in prospective buyers only to find hairballs or shit surprises. No panoramic view can overcome the site of a shit surprise.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I have a cat who leaves me presents like that. I used to have two of them (cats) but now we're down to one. The upside is there's less surprises. Not that I'm suggesting you should get rid of one of your cats, I'm just saying...


Hope your day got better!

petite gourmand said...

boom town rats got it right...
tell me why I don't like mondays?
I wanna shoot oohohhoh oooot the whole day down...
I hope your week gets better.

(oh and poo art...poor you...)

crazymumma said...

no nap?

THEY say it means she is intelligent. Like you did not know.

kgirl said...

that button rocks. hope you have a more napful day today.

mamatulip said...

I hope today's better. That's no way to start the week.

Damselfly said...

Ah, you designed the button. Great work!

You have some kind of talented baby and cat, there.

(What does a chiropractor do when she needs a chiropractor?)

Laural Dawn said...

What a horrible day - I'm sorry.
And, great button. I'd seen it lots of places so I am glad I figured out who created it!

something blue said...

Oh sweet queen of buttons!

I'm great company especially now that I need to have drinks every day. Misery, misery. I can't wait for this full moon effect to leave.

I'm so glad that you did not get stung.

ewe are here said...

Ugh. It's so unfair that we get charged for blowing an appointment off and they not only don't pay out for inconveniencing us, they could care less.

And facebook does suck.