Wednesday, September 19

double freak

This past Monday, a meteorite hit near a remote Peruvian village and locals started to complain of mystery illness brought on by a strange smell in the air. Police were sent and also got sick.

Didn't a Stephen King story start that way?


The meteorite left a crater thirty meters (100 ft) wide and six meters deep (20-foot-deep).

I hope it didn't bring friends.


Dude wakes up during own autopsy.

I'm not kidding. A man in Venezuela was in an accident, declared dead, taken to the morgue, and only when he started to bleed DURING the autopsy, did the doctors realize something was very wrong with their diagnosis.

I know that one is now in my top ten list of worst nightmares.

Sometimes the real news reads like a bad B movie script.

Back to regular programming later, when I will tell you how Bumper's first daycare experience went and if we were invited back (cue cliffhanger music NOW).


kittenpie said...

I read about the autopsy. Ack!

something blue said...

Both those stories are seriously disturbing.

This cliffhanger music is making me jumpy. I hope daycare worked out well for mama and Bumper.

Kyla said...

Bumper in daycare? Wow! I can't wait to hear.

And the news is CREEPY!

Crazy Computer Dad said...

I believe that the people are getting sick from the dust and stuff stirred up from the impact, probably not the meteor itself as those are just minerals. Tommy Knockers, Stephen King, was kind of like that though...I think. The X-files had an episode where some loggers cut into a thousand year old tree and released some crazy lifeform...this could be like that! :-)

CSI Vegas had an episode where the exact same thing happened. It probably happens more often than we know. It was the bleeding that tipped them off too. So is this life imitating art, or art imitating life? :-)

So what is next? A crossbow shooting in West Va? or a story about a girl that is made to walk five miles back into town? :-)

Have a good night!

heathersway said...

Brr... That autopsy one makes my skin crawl. Almost as bad a being buried alive.

sandra said...

Way freaky.

Just got caught up ... LOVED the photo of you in the hot headband and funky mumu. Sizzle.

... thinking of you xoxox

Mrs. Chicky said...

And I thought I was having a shit day.

Oh, The Joys said...

I think we'd better get our handbaskets ready! Hell, I tell you!

Jenny said...

Far better to wake up during your autopsy than to *not* wake up during your autopsy.