Friday, September 14

Bionic Babble

Anybody out there watch EastEnders?

No? I'm actually a die-hard Corrie fan but sometimes I watch EE because there is always something saucy going on and it's so damn easy to catch up.

Actually I watch British Soaps more than American or (groan) Canadian offerings (IMO: consistently lame folks, we should just stick with comedy). British soaps tend to revolve around the working class yet have the sauciness of an American offering.

But I'm getting off topic...

Okay so if you watched EastEnders between 2000 and 2005 you would remember the character Zoe Slater (Her mum is Kat but she thought Kat was her sister and when she found out her sister was actually her mum she turned to prostitution but then came home and became engaged to the most boring but hot doctor ever and then when that story was too boring they dumped the doctor and ... oh you can read most Zoe Slater's sad but exciting history here).

ANYHOOO... I'm watching TV the other night and a commercial comes on for the retooled, revamped, remake of (the) Bionic Woman (what's next, Wonder Woman? maybe, maybe not).

Note the new show dropped "The" from the original show title, that makes it just like new! But I doubt it can be this groovy without the "The", check it:

Anyhoo... I'm watching the ad and I'm all like "Damn that looks like Zoe Slater from EastEnders but why would a Brit be playing the All-American Bionic Kick-Butt Woman?".

So I chalked it up to my eyes playing tricks on me.

Well it turns out I was right. Michelle Ryan is playing the Bionic Woman. I'm cool with that, I just can't wait to hear her accent.

Seriously though: Does anyone out there watch either Corrie or EastEnders?


Moving right along but still talking bionic:

I wish I still had my Jaime Sommers doll AND that kid down the street's Steve Austin doll.

They were a really hot couple (the dolls, not me and the kid down the street).

Anyone else out there make their dolls date Steve or GI Joe?

I'll admit it, my dolls totally got around.

Sometimes my girls even got lucky with Han (yummy).


Now this leads me to the next section which I think any girl who grew up in the 70s would think is cool. Anyone have one of these?

I still really want this toy (click to enlarge) - I never got to see it in action but damn, it's how many years later and I'd still like to check it out:

How can I resist the urge to insert the
Bionic Activator Card(!) and turn some crank(!)?


Oh and I couldn't let this one slip by undetected: I like to call this "5 ways to piss off motherbumper"

  1. Write an article with an antiquated, assholian title.
  2. Put the onus on me, because it couldn't possibly be a two way street.
  3. Make sure you suggest scrabble dates for keeping it hot, because I know that makes many men hot.
  4. Assume I compare my marriage to that of say... hmmm... Pink & BMX / tattoo shop owner guy or Ryan & Reese. I must say that I have always compared and measured the success of my marriage to most celebrity marriages. Most of those celebrity marriages are definitely my idea of a good role model for "until death do us part".
  5. I don't know, maybe I'm overacting but damn that title and those links really pissed me off.
Read it for yourself. It's fluffy and benign but damn that title just steams me. Whatever.


Jenny said...

i am so glad it wasn't just me. I saw that cheating thing on Yahoo and thought it must have been a joke. It wasn't.

PS. What girl didn't get lucky with Han?

mamatulip said...

I've never seen The East Enders or Corrie. In fact...I've never even heard of those shows.


Kyla said...

Yeah...we all need to learn to make our marriages more like those celebs. They've got it down. *snort*

I do hate the "Keep Him From Straying" crap. Why aren't there are an equal number of articles titled "Just Keep It in Your Pants, Dude."

kittenpie said...

Okay, I'm totally lost on the top 3/4s because I a)don't watch any daytime soaps (but I do watch GRey's Anatomy, so it's not 'cause I don't love some tawdry drama) and b) I may have grown up in the 70s, but I had no TV and only had Barbies 'cause they were gifts.

BUT I'll totally give it to you on that article. How stupid. Because yeah, why should it be assumed that a man would "stray" and you need to prevent it? If things are awry in a relationship already, then who can say who's problem it is, but in that case, both partners should be trying to work it out or leave rather than taking this road. grrr.

Oh, The Joys said...

I find this "Write an article with an antiquated, assholian title" totally endearing. You. :)

something blue said...

7 cool midnight dates...Sleeping naked in an igloo. What are the other 6 again?

Nope I don't follow EastEnders or Coronation Street.

Wow I completely forgot that I used to have the Six Million Dollar Man doll! Maybe it was my brothers?

Lisa b said...

That bionic woman salon makes me feel like a kid who is bitter bc their parent won't buy them the latest toy.

I hate logging on to yahoo for that very reason.

Christina said...

Never saw The East Enders, but saw Bionic Woman tonight and it wasn't bad. (You can download the first episode for free on Amazon.)

The actress was also in the BBC America miniseries Jekyll. I highly recommend watching it.