Friday, August 10

the world is mine!

The world is MINE and my mother is a nutbar!

The unintentional purse meme is cracking me up - pleeeeeeese tell me if you have done it because I want to see [total, total voyeur].

Check out the birth of a meme over at Her Bad Mother.

Anyone who travels by subway [or any form of public transportation] in a big city understands the importance of having something to concentrate on while getting from A to B. I forgot a book when I went out last night which meant I spent a lot of time staring at my feet. I find feet are the safest place to focus the eyes because anywhere else can set off fellow travellers.

It's probably one of the first things I figured out after moving to Toronto - looking at a person too long can open up cans of whoop ass so I find the foot admiration the easiest and safest place to look.

Even window staring can cause trouble because you'll always find a paranoid, or self-centred individual who thinks you are watching them via reflection - trust me, it happens.

So back to last night, I forgot reading material and had very little distraction besides my crazy, crazy thoughts.

And because it's Friday and I'm beyond tired, I'm going to share my cracked thoughts:

What celebrities would I watch read the phone book - which folks would I pay for tickets to hear and watch read the book with the weakest plot. And here is what I figured out:

(1) Kevin Spacey could read the "how to and city wide info" section (maybe he would sing it, the guy is super talented)
(2) Viggo Mortenson could read A - Q (this would be gripping)
(3) James Gandolfini would finish off R - Z

Actually I would watch Viggo read the entire thing but Kevin cracks me up and I've got this weird thing for Tony Soprano. Scary isn't it.

Anyhow, I'm glad it's end of the week, I've had too many late nights this week and there is potential for an early bedtime tonight.

Because obviously I'm so tired that my thought process is really screwy.

Let's leave it at this: New review up at Motherbumper's Laboratory: a follow-up to an early review, the second volume of Your Baby Can Read series.


Kyla said...

I've only ridden on public transport once, and it was in Chicago with Josh...he thought I needed a real city experience, something other than bloggers and alcohol. I think someone was trying to steal something out of my bag! I've never, ever thought this about anyone else, but it was a strange experience. He kept getting closer and closer for no reason and trying to get behind me and he was doing weird things with his arms reaching out and then withdrawing. It was odd. I'm such a babe in the woods about these things, though. I'm sure I'd look right at people on the subway. Eeek! I'd be in trouble for sure.

kittenpie said...

Kyla - perhaps he was trying to squeeze you, you cute thang!

ANd MB: you're right that Kevin Spacey could read anything. He might start out straight, but I can see him morphing along the way into different styles and personas, if only to amuse himself. He's a friend of my dad's girlfriend, actually, and she says he is supernice and unassuming, sort of how he comes off in public. Which is nice to hear. But James Gandolfini??? Ya weirdo.

mothergoosemouse said...

I will listen to anyone say anything with a mobster affectation. And I will giggle like I'm twelve again. It's a problem.

Janet said...

Tony Soprano, huh?

Chacun son gout.

The subway sub-culture made me very, very nervous, when I used to work in Toronto. Creepy people seemed to sense that and sit right next to me, reading over my shoulder, asking me for gum, wanting a light for their cigarette (who tries to smoke in the subway?!!!).

I still eminate fear, apparently, because when I last visited my sister to shop in T.O. a crazy man propositioned us in the subway and, when we kept walking, he followed us around yelling lesbian slurs at us.

I've been back to Toronto since, but I haven't used the subway.

Lisa b said...

I worked in Ottawa for a summer. It totally freaked me out how people would look at you on the transit. Then I realised it was kind of a friendly thing. Part of the reason everyone hates TO. People totally get uptight if they think you are looking at them, even, like you say, through the window reflection. Its so weird.

nomotherearth said...

Will be doing purse meme later today.

Stimey said...

I've got a Viggo thing too. I think I'd leave my husband for him.

Oh, The Joys said...

There's always nail biting or odd behavior to make the crazies wonder if you aren't a bit nuttier...

Nick said...

I actually love staring at people

Alley Cat said...

When I make eye contact with someone, my instinct is to half-smile, then look away. It's my way of showing that I wasn't giving a dirty look, and I don't plan to stare. On the occasions where this has happened on the subway, I have had to get off the train at least two stops early because I've managed to give a few freaks encouragement to chat me up and ask for my number or e-mail address. The shoes are a safer bet.

Gabriella said...

Ohh yes Viggo, my fav to is Jason Statham.

And I've also done the purse meme!

Redneck Mommy said...

I love me some Viggo and Tony. I could do with out Britney's left overs though.

You a a fruitcake... Our children are so very lucky to have us!

Lisa b said...

you are going to email me and tell me where that splashpad is right?

Sandra said...

Love that photo of bumper!

And that you want to hear your boyfriend and a mobster read from the phone book. Just one more reason to love ya.

Ms. Porter said...

I've got something for Tony too.

Oh and got me some of that no 7 serum and you are so right, thanks for sharing that little secret with to catch up on the rest of your blog

ewe are here said...

Great pic!

And, well, I couldn't resist the purse meme. ;-)

karla said...

I used to commute downtown via the Go Train everyday and I so understand about needing something to focus on. And when it's dark that whole window reflection thing is so true!

b*babbler said...

You lost me at forgetting your book for your subway trip... NooooOoOoOooO! There's probably nothing I hate more than ending up somewhere where I could be reading, and I'm not because I foolishly forgot my book.

Oh, and I did the purse thing. It seemed like so much damn fun!

Larry said...

I agree about the feet as a good spot for our attention. It would then be a great time to think about things we normally don't have time to think of.

Geri said...

The feet is a good suggestion. I also make sure that I bring something like a book or newspaper to focus my attention.