Friday, August 17

Sweden Rocks

The new IKEA catalogue is out and for me, that is the best form of porn out there.

Seriously - it is.

I take the annual catalogue and lock myself in the bathroom for as long as possible (when you've got a toddler, that's about two minutes).

I plan on hitting the Ikea this weekend ("what's that?" asks SB - you heard me, I'm rushing the Swedes).

I want this, that, those things, and some of those meatballs (yes, Kittenpie, I go there for the meatballs).

My loins ache for Swedish innovation.

Speaking of Swedish loins:

NO, NO, NO - not those loins, I'm talking about my undies from tattoo post. Those are from H&M, another Swedish place that makes me drool.

I go ga-ga everytime I go into that store. Wicked price points! Overwhelming merchandising! Fun accessories! Uber cool toddler stuff! Can you tell I worked in retail for years?

Actually, I was visiting Nadine of Martinis for Milk the other day and she pulled out the H&M Fall flyer which made me squeal like a little girl. Seriously. it was so embarrassing, but the fact that she had already picked out a few outfits for Bumper made me super giggly.


Wow, I'm grooving on the comments on the body art post. LOVING THEM!

I loved reading the inspirations for Mama Tulip and Jennie of GOnelsons. And I've seen Kittenpie's and so I already loved her choice.

It also sounds like many people want at least one done and all I got to say for those who fear the pain: I can't say it's painless but it's more irritating than painful (IMO).

So lets see what I learned this week.


If I'm your friend, I'm not to be trusted to carry body parts if it's required of me. Most family member can breathe easy but I will remind them to stay on their toes (and to not lose any).

I like tattoos and have wanted one since I was a kid so apparently I could have been a delinquent, trouble maker, and risk taker.

Yet I chose to develop a meatball fetish instead.

So overall analysis of this week:

My parents got off easy (though I'm not sure they would agree).

edited to update the wrong date on the last day to vote (thanks HBM):

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Have a great weekend ya'll.


metro mama said...

Billy bookcases make me horny.

Mouse said...

As soon as I saw "IKEA catalogue," I thought "furniture porn"! And then saw we were on the same wavelength there.

We went last weekend, and for the first time ever left Scooter in the play area. He played with trains, we shopped. It was brilliant.

something blue said...

Is that Swedish man making me a cake? Oh wait, he's likely whipping you up some meatballs.

Kyla said...

I'm LMAO at Jana's meatball comment. Hilarious!!

Oooooh. Ikea catalogue. Must steal my mom's copy.

MonkeysMama said...

LOL! This is the second IKEA post I've read this morning :D OMG, are those pics really from their catalouge?! WOW!

Janet said...

That's odd, my IKEA catalogue is in the bathroom too. I keep it with my hunky naked chef under the bathroom cabinet, y'know, so he will have something to read in there.

Her Bad Mother said...

You'll come with me when I go get a budgie on my ass? Hold my hand?

And - vote is open 'til Sunday.

Gabriella said...

ikea is a dangerous place. i've often gone in there for one thing and come out with twenty

Serendipity, baby! said...

I accused my husband of holding out on me when he didn't tell me the new catalogue arrived by mail until an hour after I got home. The nerve! Holding out on ikea? :P

nomotherearth said...

I love the household items section in IKEA. I could spend days.

petite gourmand said...

ah the Mala...keeps them busy for hours...
highly recommend it.

Alley Cat said...

I can't stop laughing at these pictures.


Stimey said...

Dude. Totally.

I got the catalog and two days later I was at IKEA buying a ridiculous number of weird stuffed objects. (Bats. They sell stuffed bats.)

IKEA rocks.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I haven't received my Ikea catalogue yet and it's making mama very, very unhappy.

Sandra said...

We're going to Ikea tomorrow baby. Allll the way to Ikea Vaughan because it rocks more than any of the ones close by. That, my friend, is committment to the Swedes.

kgirl said...

If I hadn't been pregnant or nursing consistently for the last, oh 3 years or so, I'd have gotten my new tats for sure. Two is not enough.

And there is never enough Sweden in a Canadian gal's life. Half the volunteer population of the kibbutz I lived on was Swedish. My BFF took one home for about 3 years. And yes, he was hawt.

I can swear at you in Swedish. It's not that fierce once translated - something like, my beard is stuck in the mailbox, or I'm sitting in the butter.

Lisa b said...

I've been pawing through the catalogue all week. I have pages marked and actually delusionally think that one day I will be able to go.

Sandra is right that Ikea Vaughan is the best.

kittenpie said...

I haven't seen the new one yet! Gah! I may just have to go without waiting for it. I totally heart Ikea.

And I think you've only seen one of mine. (HBM I'd totally come along and hold your hand - I had someone with me both times. It's really not that bad. And I'm a wuss.)

motomama said...

i like there lingonberry jelly. what is a lingonberry anyway? from now on I only want furniture with swedish names like Aspelund, Vibbyn and Stenstorp.