Tuesday, July 31

A break from BlogHer recaps

That's pretty much all I'll say for now regarding BlogHer. Still editing and making sure no one will hunt me down for any future "what happened at BlogHer" posts.

BTW - new posts up at eco-trippin' - the BlogHers ACT Canada issue has been announced!

For now I leave you with this....

I just read about this and I'm totally floored - these prison inmates in the Philippines have learned these routines to combat boredom and for exercise.

I'm all for learning new skills while serving time. It can only bring positive to these men's lives and maybe the focus will help them overcome their obstacles.

I'm serious, I think this is fantastic - check it out (embed disabled on most so you gotta follow the links)

Thriller (gotta love the guy who plays the girlfriend)

Sister Act

Radio Gaga - Queen (my personal fav)

More on the dancing jailbirds of the Philippines.


kgirl said...

ok, radio gaga is the BEST. The clapping is killing me.

Kyla said...

AWESOME! But if I was a prison guard there, I'd be worried...they are awfully organized. Today dancing, tomorrow musically choreographed prison break. :)

slouching mom said...

Yeah, saw this...kind of awesome, kind of terrifying. At the same time.

kittenpie said...

I see a secondary industry in filming videos blossoming in the future there... Eighties-style dance group videos, though. Any call for those still?

nomotherearth said...

I saw the Thriller video the other day, and I was fascinated. I will have to check the other links when I'm not at work..