Monday, July 23

10 seconds? that's what she said

There is so much to do and I'm running out of freakin' time.

I can't believe we are leaving for that unnamed conference on Wednesday. Perhaps I should resort to bullets instead of trying to write.

Yes, I will resort to bullets.

It's just like my wonderful friend Jezer is sitting next to me telling me to calm the heck down and just start writing - she is so sage.

OK, just breath MB and get a grip and get out yer' bullets - a list of things running through my head and that must be done NOW:
  • I wish, I wish, I wish Jezer was going to the unmentionable conference because I really want to meet her in person
  • Packing must be done, like yesterday
  • Confirmation that the clothing, purchased specifically for this trip, fit because someone may have put on a few extra pounds in the past few weeks
  • Someone needs to stop being so superficial but seriously folks, the clothing fit is required because from my understanding of reading the schedule and stuff, clothing is NOT optional at BlogHer
  • I need to write up an "introduce myself" because Mrs. Chicky (did not tag me but) requested a 10 second introduction so she could just confirm my insanity prior to actually meeting (OMG I might meet THE Mrs. Chicky, in person, this week, GAH!)
I might just stop talking about the unnamed conference because it's annoying. I know it is but yet I'm compelled to keep chattering. Last year, this week was really annoying and sad and I couldn't help but feel like the girl who wasn't invited to the party.

That said, I was also inspired to scrape my pennies together (literally) and do what I could do to go to BlogHer this year. And I did, I sold some ad space (which at the time was akin to selling out to the man, but I got over that pretty quick), did odd jobs, rolled coins, and now here I am, going on a road trip to my current mecca and annoying the crap out of at least one other blogger.

Oh wait, I lost focus (what a surprize) - my ten second introduction:

talks a lot but says little
is incredibly shy
is often mistaken for bitchy and stuck-up (I'm only bitchy)
is easily distracted by shiny objects
loves movies starring her pretend boyfriend Viggo
finds networking** talking to new people painful unless under the influence
should not network** talk to new people when under the influence
has a beer belly that sadly is not made of beer

That said, go over and check out our progress on trippin' it the green fantastic at eco-trippin' - there is a super cool book to be won, just by leaving a comment at this post. Do it, it will make you feel greener and all happy-like.

** edited to add: I just realized that I used the word networking TWICE in my 10 second introduction and that made me feel all business like or something equally mature. Let me change networking to "talking to new people" - yes, that makes more sense.

Regardless of my screwy fears... I'll do it.


kgirl said...

you crack me up. add some beer to that belly for me at the conference that shall remain nameless :)

Jezer said...

CALM DOWN, WOMAN!!! And thank you so much for wishing I was going, 'cause I wish that, too. Except, I JUST had my first overnight trip away from Al, and that is a whole 'nother story! Baby steps, baby steps. Maybe next year? Maybe the year after? One day, for sure!

You will have a wonderful time and your clothes will fit beautifully, and you will be the belle of the ball!

Kyla said...

I am so excited! I'm going to pack Wednesday, because I'm just a last minute kind of girl. But I'll make TONS of lists before then. And a fat stack of KayTar notes for my mom. *lol*

metro mama said...

I never mistook you for bitchy or shy. And? Beer belly? I'll show you a beer belly.

mothergoosemouse said...

I think you and I are going to get along just fine. Really looking forward to meeting you!

kittenpie said...

Beer belly. Pffft! You have no beer belly, you silly woman. You're cute as a button.

I'm all in a flap, too. So much to do, so little time, and I'm working late tomorrow. Ack! Will be packing at 3 am trying not to wake the wee one! At least I took the time to get some shoes on Friday. Because you know, you could practically wear pajamas if you have cute shoes on with them. (Okay, maybe that's just me.)

Mrs. Chicky said...

Wait. I didn't tag you? Are you sure I didn't tag yo... Ooh! Shiny!

Can't wait to meet you, you sexy bitch. ;)

crazymumma said...

you are so NOT stuck up and I caught not one whiff of bitchy (and I am sensitive to theat type of thing).

Have such an amazing time.


something blue said...

You are a woman of style and by golly, I like all them words. Don't mind this lame comment. I'm so hungry because I only ate breakfast today because I'm fat and I have no Spanx. I wish for the Spanx fairy.

mamatulip said...

HAVE FUN at the nameless conference. Make our "beer bellies" proud.

Gabriella said...

You make me laugh!!! And yes, like all the other comments, beer belly??? Umm no. And bitchy? Ummm no.
You'll have an amazing time, I'm a little bit jealous! Enjoy every minute!!!!

nomotherearth said...

As a girl who feels like she's missing out on a great party - please drink some alcohol for me! I hope to go next year when I can actually drink myself.

I know all about the people mistaking "shy" for stuck-up, unfriendly and aloof. Right there with you.