Friday, May 4

Of cheese doodles and sawdust

I am not pregnant. I repeat: I am not pregnant.

Apparently more than a few of you thought I was by my last post title.


For that misunderstanding, I apologize.

Often when I'm writing a post, I am reminded of movie titles usually for some obscure reason. Obscure as in ... well I won't go into my thought process at getting to the thin blue line reference because trying to understand my thought processes could potentially be scary.

And regardless, just trust me, if I was in the club you would be the fourth person to know.

I sometimes consider the blogsphere a single person. I imagine this single entity sits in front of the computer screen in pjs with a large bag of cheese doodles, surfing the seemingly infinite links the 'sphere has to offer.

Oh wait... that's just me looking in the mirror.

Anyone know how to get orange cheese powder stains out of flannel?

I'm so glad that the warm weather is here (duh, who isn't? Mr. Plow I guess... really he is the first and only one to pop into my mind... but really, who hates Spring?).

The mornings are beautiful, bright and sunny. This week we have celebrated our good health (finally) by visiting our favorite neighbourhood parks and thanks to a friend who is also a mom, we've been introduced to another fan-freakin'-tastic park close by.

It has toddler swings! It has toddler-sized equipment! It has teeter-totters that only require a teeter if you don't have a totter! It has sawdust on the ground! It has a splash pad (that thankfully wasn't on, because it wasn't that freakin' warm).

The over-punctuated emphasis on sawdust is a great selling point. Toddlers should essentially bounce on sawdust, no?*.
* I do not advocate or encourage testing of my theory. It just seems so much bouncier than anything else I've encountered in my playground experiences.

So just in case B figures out how to launch herself out of the swing while I'm distracted by the text messages pouring in from my Facebook account, I feel that the sawdust will minimize impact. Please let me live in my delusional state, 'k?


NEW POSTS UP AT MommyBlogsToronto!

Seriously folks, I have no shame. I will flog it until the cows come home and kick my butt.

But go read it because I said so, and stay because it's good.

Plus if you go to read my new post, you find out if I'm a failure at being green, I talk about enviro-snobs, and to boot, you get to see what I look like. Isn't that just worth the click alone? No? Well that wasn't very nice. I wonder what you look like all the time. Seriously, I do.


metro mama said...

We are so happy to be hitting the parks again.

B looks like she's lovin' it.

Chag said...

We've been living outside for the past week and a half. Until the rains came.

Glad to see the pic. It's always nice to put a face to the words.

Sandra said...

Hooray for spring!!! And for sawdust :)

Kyla said...

I'm so glad you guys are feeling better!! And sunshine is icing on the cake!

Suzanne said...

I LOOOVE it when parks have stuff for toddlers too :) I'm heading over to read your new post now.

something blue said...

Yup, I'm tired of having my arms cut off by snow blowers so count me in as happy that spring has arrived!

crazymumma said...

dufferin grove this summer baby!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Sawdust, very good for breaking a toddler's fall. Especially when your attention is, uh, elsewhere.

Her Bad Mother said...

Sawdust or sand. Both work pretty well, I find.

Crazy Computer Dad said...

Four years ago, right about this time, my son was in kindergarten. He managed to launch himself out of his swing, into a back flip, and land on his nose on the wooden border around the playset, missing the sawdust entirely. No one is sure how he managed to do it. :-) It wasn't a toddler swing though so I am sure Bumper will be fine....

kittenpie said...

I wonder what people look like all the time, but then I'm so damn shy about putting my own pic up that I figure it's just unfair of me to expect that everyone else post theirs...

Oh, and I found you can alter/turn off your facebook notifications so I no longer get 57 stupid emails every day.