Monday, April 23

todo list from hell

This is what our ToDo list looked like at the beginning of our weekend:
  • move futon
  • clean floors
  • taxes
  • rearrange our bedroom
  • deck stuff

Yes, I actually write out a ToDo list and post it on the fridge in hopes that we might just accomplish one or more tasks.

Yes, I am delusional.

What our ToDo list should have included:
  • move futon
  • go to ER
  • contract pneumonia
  • reflect on why our family has been punished with illness for over four weeks
Because that would have been the ToDo list we completed.


Gabriella said...

That sucks. I really feel for you! I hope things turn around!

kgirl said...

oh my god! are you guys ok now? don't push yourself too hard - that to do list seems ambitious for someone recovering from pneumonia.

p.s. i have been at the doctor every other day for 2 weeks waiting to see if my cough was turning into pneumonia (which i've had twice). luckily it subsided.

something blue said...

Pneumonia! You must do everything 100% huh?

Number one on your list better be to get better. You must rest woman!
May I recommend lounging on your deck.

nomotherearth said...

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon.

Kyla said...

Oh no! Do you need chocolate? *lol*

Feel better, MB!

Lisa b said...

I'm sorry your actual list made me laugh.
Why are you suffering so?
Yet you still managed to move the futon. Amazing.

Chag said...

You have been through a lot lately! Hope you recover soon.

Jon said...

I too write todo lists...they however usually end up at the bottom of a pile of paperwork, lost until a few weeks later...when i'm reminded of all the things I've forgotten to do!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

niloc said...

funny that my wife commented but didn't say anything about us having to do our taxes as well...

i guess we don't need the money. (HA!)

if we had a to do list on the fridge Strawberry would have taken one of the kithcen chairs to thief the magnet that was holding the list in place.