Thursday, March 15

Seven songs for seven sisters

I have been tagged and not because I've been paroled for my continuous fashion violations.

No, no, I haven't been fitted for an ankle tag (as much as many people would agree I should be jailed for those serious fashion infractions). I've been tagged by Mrs. Chicky for a meme.

This meme asked me to "list seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to".

Yes, I'm too lazy to rewrite the meme in my own words so I'm just cut and pasting like the lazy ass I am.

But I will not be too lazy to think about my musical choices because music is one of the most serious thing in my life, right up there with... uh... (trying to think of important things in my life that do not involve chocolate) with... parenting, yes that's it, really important stuff right up there with parenting.

So yes, music is very important to me. I grew up with headphones on (long before portable cassette players - oh golly, am I showing my age by just saying that?) and I usually scored at least one new album a week once I discovered the magical shops like that one above Backstreet Imports, Days of Wine and Vinyl and Taz. Just ask my Dad - he has many incriminating and goofy pictures of me just wired to the stereo with huge headphones on, blasting anything from Adam and the Ants to Yazoo. But I must stop showing my age and stop babbling... so on with the meme.

Here are my seven current songs - most were recently played on iTunes for the dancing pleasure of Bumper, Wonderbay and a couple of over-caffeinated Moms:

  1. Love Will Keep Us Together: Captain & Tennille - Damn you Telus for bring this song back into my life. I remember listening to this one with my sister and I do believe it was on one of our K-Tel presents albums (yikes).
  2. Hot Topic: Le Tigre - Again with the Telus advertisement induced musical selection. How dare that evil corporation makes me legally download music by using these tunes in their ads along with cute monkeys and bunny-rabbits.
  3. When You Were Young: The Killers - I just.can't.stop.listening to this song - I can't explain. I just keep pressing repeat. I'm weird like that.
  4. Where's Your Head At: Basement Jaxx - I first heard this song in a really groddy pub full of good looking boys in Brixton a few years back. It made me dance like a fool and the video has monkeys in it. 'Nuff said. Monkeys rule.
  5. Digital Love: Daft Punk - Makes me feel all shiny, happy and loving. I can't begrudge a song like that.
  6. Senses Working Overtime: XTC - Hello 80s! Hello skipping class and watching poorly taped episodes of Friday Night Videos over at G's house. This song taught me to count to five (or maybe that was my nursery school teacher, but I'm sure this song taught me something besides how to successfully skip school).
  7. Surrender: Cheap Trick - I don't have to explain this one: this song RULES and always will RULE! Because your Mommy's alright, your Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird. Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away (AYYYYYYYYYYY!).

So now I need to tag seven sister friends. Here it goes:
  1. kgirl at The Kids are Alright
  2. Metro Mama
  3. lil'debbie at i.obsess
  4. Jezer at JezeWhiz
  5. Something Baby Blue
  6. Gabriella at Our little funny bunny
  7. Tania at Baby in the City
I'll be sending out a shout to those lovely ladies tomorrow. When, hopefully, I will have recovered from the shock of finding my cat horrifically sick, taking it to emerg vet clinic, no guarantee of good news and having to leave my "first born" overnight with strange barking dogs and the like. I did this post to get my mind off that. Please send my little boy Dallas all your positive loving vibes.
And if you didn't get an email from me about the Candy Club today and you want to join, please send me an email at motherbumper at gmail dot com. Peace out. I've got to go get lost in my music.


Heather said...

Sending lots of good vibes to you and Dallas. I love basement jaxx - red alert is my favourite song to run to.

Kyla said...

Ah, get well soon, Dallas!!

kgirl said...

oh no! poor dallas! get well soon, kitty.

and thank you soooo much for tagging me on this one. your list is good, like shazam! good. where else could the captain, tenille and the basement jaxx possibly all live happily ever after?

Jezer said...

We're all sending big positive vibes and hopes for a very speedy recovery for Dallas. With a name like "Dallas," you KNOW we're pulling for him down here!

And thanks for the tag--I need something to write about besides puke and poo.

Gabriella said...

Firstly, I hope Dallas gets better soon, if you need an amazing vet I know of one.

And second, yea!!! I got tagged, I did this meme last night before you tagged me, but thanks!!! I love music. I was the girl back in high school who used to make compilations for people. lol

Chag said...

Great songs!

I hope Dallas makes a speedy recovery and makes it home soon.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Good vibes for Dallas!! I hope all is well with him.

And Surrender? Inspired choice. I love that song.

metro mama said...

I hope Dallas is OK!

Love Surrender.

s@m said...

Get well soon vibes for Dallas!!

mamatulip said...

1. Poor Dallas (and dude -- GREAT name for a cat). Sending him tons of positive, loving, get-well-soon vibes.

2. You have the Google sidebar thingy up! Sweet!! And you've got some damn good posts up there too.

3. Have you seen the video for "Where's Your Head At"? It's CREEPY! Great song, though -- it really gets me pumped.

4. I love Daft Punk. And I love you, MB. Seriously.

mamatulip said...

Oh -- how could I forget?!

Surrender is one of my favourite songs to play on Guitar Hero. ;)

nomotherearth said...

Good vibes for Dallas...!

Captain and Tenille? Loving it.

Sandra said...

Get well soon sweet Dallas

Nadine said...

Damn girl -- Dallas is my peeps! We bonded that day. Hope all goes well. It sucks to leave your cat overnight.

PS: Love Will Keep Us Together is my karaoke sure thing. It brings the house on their feet every time. I rue the day Telus made it popular again, because I've been using it for shock and awe in bars for years!

CrankMama said...

The Captain and Teneille (sp??)!!! What fun!! I love love love that music! And can you imagine anyone these days having a hit called "muskrat love"??

sigh. Simpler times, my friend. Simpler times

niloc said...

whenever i think of XTC, Squeeze and Split Enz always come to mind as well. these were good tunes. good times. just that back then you couldn't listen to it whenever you wanted because you just didn't have the access.

i hope Dallas is doing better soon. our cat is Captain Hairball lately.

something blue said...

Love your list!

Strawberry sings an excellent version of "Where's Your Head At." She points to all her other body parts and inserts the name in the song. For example "Where's your bum at."