Wednesday, February 7

sweet sixteen

Bumper is sixteen months old.

Over the past month I've watched her blossom into a great communicator. Which I think is pretty amazing since she only has a couple of words.

"Mama!" means me or get that woman or I want this. "Da" means Dad or what's that? "Eeeeee!" means cat. "Ahhhhg!" means sippy cup. "No no no no" with a vigorous head shake means no. She has us well trained to her lingo.

She understands complex requests like get a book off the shelf & bring it to me, pick up the wrapper & put it in the garbage, or let go of the cat & back away slowly.

She listens and sometimes I catch her thoughtful stare where she appears to be figuring things out. She concentrates so much more, no longer giving up in frustration at the first obstacle. Mind you she does has the same short fuse that both her parents possess. You can almost hear her say "CRAP" when things don't work out her way.

I could go on about this for days but I'll spare you the details. I just wanted to share my awe.


metro mama said...

They are awe-inspiring, arent' they!

Surviving Motherhood said...

awesome aren't they. Their capacity to learn so fast and determination to get it right is mind boggling.

What a cutie she is.

Gabriella said...

that was sweet to read. It's funny how much they really know in such a small time frame.

On another note, I switched over to the new Blogger, BIG mistake, and now I can't sign in anymore, so possibly no more blog for me for awhile until i figure it out. Damn.

MotherBumper said...

Thank you everyone! Bumper sends hugs and kisses all around.

ali said...

i love to watch isabella concentrating and getting frustrated. it really is amazing!

Lainey-Paney said...

Just found your blog.
My little man is 16 months too!

My favorite thing to hear him say...
It means....I dropped it, I broke it, I shouldn't have it in my hands.

they're sooooo much fun!
...when they're in a good mood.
(just keepin' it real.)


Bloor West Mama said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen to Bumper.

I love their little language...Isa has her own words for things and they usally start with the letter T. Tata means I want that, Tate is her pacifier, Tachi is thank you, you get the picture.

She also understands complex requests but she rarely carries them out. I love this age, they are just so amazing and so much fun.

Denguy said...

let go of the cat & back away slowly

Oh, that's too funny!

crazymumma said...

The awe has been shared and I bask in the light of a twenty month old.

I'm with Denguy, back away from the cat slowly is a classic.

pony tails. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

Oh, and what is that new movie like the one where the child sees....dead people? Have you seen it yet?

Gina said...

Sounds like another (almost) 16 month I know. It's amazing they can understand every little thing we say, but yet their verbal skills are limited to grunts and pointing most of the time.

Her Bad Mother said...

We get the awe. We do.

something blue said...

It is so very wonderful! I love that look of undeniable comprehension. Even though it's hard for them to express themselves, toddlers do understand much more than we realize. What a sweet photo of Bumper.