Tuesday, February 6

Assorted explosions - none involving poop

I can't tell you how sad and confused it makes me feel seeing a Wendy's commercial selling me baked potatoes and chili using the Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun. Isn't that a crime somehow? Damn those ad execs and their attempts at being cool. It's not working.


It worked. I want Wendy's now.

Next thing they will be using The Divinyls Touch Myself and Cindi Lauper's She Bop to sell me their sandwiches. Then Wendy's will have one large sticky mess on their hands (or floors). They can't say I didn't warn them of this.


We just got back from swimming and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be back into the swing of things after last week's suckage of health. Bumper is probably the happiest of the bunch because she was getting sick of seeing my mug all.day.long.

She craved other kids and our first outing was this past Saturday - a playdate with Wonderbaby. I'm surprized she didn't explode upon arrival. Yesterday was boring old appointments so that was no fun.

Today we had swimming. And I believe because it was another windchill of -25 outside, all the other parents and kids, save one, stayed home. A class with two little ones is an excellent group size (says the introvert). We did everything they wanted to do and thankfully the rec centre cranked up the heat so the little ladies were nice and warm. Now Bumper is sleeping hardcore after all the kicking, sliding and jumping into the pool. Good times.

I cringe everytime I read a story about Super Tonio. His mom is amazing and hopefully has strong biceps. Fourteen and half pounds. Good gravy.


So any parents out there have advice on how to keep ponytail bands in a toddlers hair? One that doesn't involve duct tape, a staple gun or the like?

Check her out, she looks so darn cute yet she rips the bands out the minute I let go of her arms.

And holding her arms by her sides is not an option. That would mean I couldn't hold my beer.


ali said...

never underestimate the power of the femmes....mmmm...wendys...

Gabriella said...

oh my god she looks sooooooo cute! I have yet to be able to do that to samantha's hair, which is why she always looks like she just rolled out of bed.

something blue said...

I heard the Wendy's commercial on my way to work this morning and instantly wanted a baked potato.

I used to love taking Strawberry swimming. Those were the only days that she ever napped.

I use the super tiny ouchless elastic bands and wrap it a dozen times around a pinky sized portion of hair. Then I say pretty a thousand times and touch her head so she knows that if she removes the ponytail, momma's going to be crying in her beer. :)

penelopeto said...

ohmygod, that is one cute pic of bumper. i've always thought that our daughters seemed similar, and well, the hair thing nails it.
we use those teeny tiny little elastics that go on braces, and give bee ridiculous multi-pony styles that she can't take out because the elastics are too damn small and they really stick to the hair.
but it keeps the hair out of her eyes, and well, she still likes to snack on clips, so, what choice do we have?

kittenpie said...

Oh, the coopting of Iggy's Lust For Life got me right there years ago. Now people bloody well know it as the song to some cruise line. Pah! Bet that cruise line would like it's patrons stirpping off their pants and jumping off the edge like he tends to do...

And on the hair gidgets? I have no help for you, honey.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Bumper is getting so big! Her hair looks great like that, but I hear you on the rubber band problem. Unfortunately, my only option with Chicky was a hair cut. Sorry, I'm no help.

Heather said...

Blister in the Sun was playing when I moved into my dorm freshman year and now Wendy's is using it to sell burgers? What has the world come to?

There is this Mom at preschool who has an 18 month old who is perfectly coiffed, cute little hair things, perfect clothes, I want to pull her aside and ask how in the hades she does it. At 3 Ellie has just started leaving the hair-dinis she asks for in her hair for more than 5 minutes.

Her Bad Mother said...

Holy hell with the pigtail cuteness. Holy hell.

Chag said...

Haven't seen/heard the Wendy's commercial. Hope it stays that way.

Ashley & Charles said...

Oh she's a doll! She reminds me of my little girl, since she always has pigtails in and is 16 months old as well. What kind do you use? From what I can tell, they look too big. Get the tiny rubber ones (walmart baby section-in the clothes area). They stay in really well.

soleclaw said...

No help from me. E's hair is still superfine, at 17-months-old, and nothing I have in the house will hold it. The ouchless rubberbands sound like a great idea though...I think I'm gonna try those on E next. I know my kidlet would look hella cute in some ponytails! Almost as cute as Bumper! ;)