Thursday, January 4

Resolutions and Returns

I've made some resolutions and I hope that I don't fail. I usually avoid this "new year, new resolve" stuff but this time I'm doing it for the little nipper.

(1) Be less naggy and bitchy. I'd like to think it has been due to the past 15 months of sleep deprivation but how do I explain the other thirty odd years of chronic complaining? Wait - don't answer that.

(2) Do those daily ab crunches my doctor prescribed when I was in for my "well woman" routine check-up. She scared me with tales of pant wetting and Holland Tunnel comparisons and that was enough to get me crunching at least once a week. Now I will try for more frequent ab bustin'.

(3) Eat more chocolate. This one is so I won't entirely fail.


I had an interesting discussion with my mum about toys and the "age recommendations" found on the packaging. She told me about how she was insulted when a family friend gave my sister a puzzle recommended for 2 year olds and my sis was around five at the time. To her, the gift said that the giver thought my sister was not to bright (or, as I suggested, the giver may have grabbed an unused toy from her collection to give and didn't really think too much about it). Either way, it seemed insulting.

Since I've become a mum myself, I have received a gift for Bumper that was recommended for a way younger age classification and initially I was miffed. Later I decided it wasn't worth fretting over and figured a gift is a gift, it's just nice that they thought of us.

Anyone else out there encountered something like this? I'm probably putting too much thought into something not worth burning brain cells over.


Bri said...

The thing that always got me when I got gifts for Samantha for her bday or xmas was the size thing for clothes and the season that they were appropriate. For her first bday Sam got a bagful of clothes for 18mth old that were summer clothes!!! Which didn't fit her at the time and most likely won't fit her next summer. So they were all returned! The age thing for toys never bugged me, she'll play with anything, most of the toys she's got at her first bday were for when she's about 2 or 3, for xmas though they were all pretty much on target.

Jezer said...

I'm going with the "sleep deprivation is a valid excuse for EVERYTHING" theory as long as I can get away with it. Also, I'm too tired to make any resolutions this year, so you're my hero for even making an attempt.

I'm kind of the opposite about the age recommendations. I just figured that those were safety precautions, so I get a little twitchy when Al receives something recommended for older kids because I'm convinced that there must be some kind of choke hazard in there somewhere. But then again, I haven't slept in over a year, so a little paranoid? Just a smidge. Heh.

crazymumma said...

I don't think you need to sweat it about the presents at all, people just sometimes see things ya know and don't look at recommended age.

Good for you with your resolutions. I have several myself and I hope I can keep up with them.

something blue said...

Three? Three! I could do #3.

Let Bumper do a toy testing. If it doesn't stimulate her for more than 25 seconds at a time be very pissed.

I have to admit I bought puzzles for two children this year that were above and beyond their age range. I felt a little guilty giving it as a gift as I know that they will not be able to play with it for a couple years. Or maybe it's just me and I suck at puzzles.

mamatulip said...

I have never really considered that it might be insulting to parents to give their child a toy with a younger age recommendation. I never give a 3 year old a toy that's intended for 7 year olds, but I've have never thought of it the other way around.

Huh. I'll bet you I've pissed off a lot of parents unknowingly, LOL.

ali said...

a family gave my son, for his fourth birthday, this crayon maker toy that had a big 8years+ sign on it. i was a little annoyed because there's a huge difference between 4 and 8, and he wanted to use it but it was compeltely inappropriate for him to use.

i think the age is put on there as a guide. it's not set in stone...the gift giver should jsut use some good old common sense...

ali said...

family member that was supposed to say...

ewe are here said...

I think the age things are guidelines; my 20 month old likes puzzles, so we buy him puzzles even though most say they're meant for 3 year olds.

I think toy makers are just covering their behinds by slaping a 'not for under 36 month olds' on everything.

As for the stomach crunches - do them!! It will pay off should you have another wee one... meaning I should have been more diligent as I sit here bigger than I was the last time at this stage of pregnancy. Sigh.

kittenpie said...

My one SIL did that last Christmas - gave Pumpkinpie something she was a good year older than. But I think it's just a case of not getting it or not thinking or maybe even thinking it looked cool and not thinking in terms of what would be a GOOD gift.

Bloor West Mama said...

I think that in many cases the age recommendation has to do with safety. You don't want to give a toy to a young child that may have chokeable parts.

After all a gift is a nice thought and as long as it cannot hurt them than you can see if they find something that they like about it. Clothes on the other hand are a totally different thing.

Best of luck with your resolutions...I have a couple as well, don't know how well I will fare.