Friday, January 5

Friday night and this is what I'm doing?

Is anyone else as anxious as I am to see this new CBC show, Little Mosque on the Prairie? I wish I had known about the kick off at Dundas Square yesterday featuring camels and chicken shawarma. Dang I love good shawarma. I'm also a sucker for good CBC comedy. Please let this be a good show and let it last more than one season.


Am I the only one who cannot upload photos to Blogger? I haven't been able to since last night and I'm so freakin' frustrated. I want to hurt Blogger but I can't because it doesn't care. Damn you Blogger.

I'll update this later when I can upload photos. Peace out.


Blogger is working again so I'll finish my babbling...

I bought a new hairdryer. My old one was about 12 years old, had a huge crack up the side that sometimes cut my hand if not held properly, got super hot to the point of burning my hand, and if I turned it off before I was done drying my hair it would not turn back on until it fully cooled off (which usually took an hour - no shit).

Why didn't I replace it sooner? Honestly I can be cheap and lazy like that. I don't think I even bought the one I just replaced. I'm fairly certain a friend was throwing it out and I said "I'll take that". Damn I can be cheap sometimes.

The new one is very slick and it doesn't hurt to use. Bonus!

It also has a button that I wish all appliances had:

Do I sound any less dorky?


crazymumma said...

Oh I want to see this...but on your advice we have rented the Descent tonight! Actually I just mentioned you and hopefully successfully linked you on my blog....about this very subject

Bri said...

I was so upset that I thought I missed it and then I checked the site and it starts on the 9th, sounds interesting to check out. The title alone is funny.

Mimi said...

I was just complaining to Mad Hatter about this friggin' blogger no-photo thing a couple of hours ago. GRRRR. And there's never any indication on the Blogger site that something is wonky, and so you're left wondering .... why me? how long will it last?

ewe are here said...

Bloggers been giving me fits and starts for the past several days; often won't let me load anyone's blogger site to read for some reason, including mine!

Love the 'cool' button. I use the 'cool' (sans label)button on my hair dryer quite frequently - to blow at my toddler when I'm drying my hair. He giggles madly when I do this. ;-)

Mrs. Chicky said...

I so desperately need a cool button. Sigh.

Her Bad Mother said...

What Chicky said. Ditto.

kittenpie said...

Wow, you use a hair dryer? I am not that organized... Though I might have one left over from some previous era in which I fooled myself into thinking I might GET that organized. Silly me.

Lisa b said...

where is my comment? damn you blogger!
I think the banker and I excel at being cheap. We just got a hairdryer with a 'cool' button too.

something blue said...

I've only used a hairdryer for when the baby goos me and I have to do a quick spot wash and dry.
I don't think I know how to use it on my hair.

Could you invent an appliance for super fast cooling like the reverse of a microwave. That would be sweet.

Camels on Yonge Street! That's crazy!

jen said...

what's really cool is you wanting to post pics of the dryer in question.

i liked that alot.