Sunday, December 31

it's the little things...

We spent the majority of the holidays in the country with family.

And a dial-up connection.

All those distant screams you heard were me and husband cursing over our information / blog withdrawal. I'm pretty darn sure that web surfing will become a reason to be admitted to Betty Ford sometimes soon. Sweet cripes, maybe it already is on the admission list.

I almost had the shakes by the time we got back to civilization and as not to overdose, I've slowly immersed myself back into the blogging world, one click at a time. Today I am finally ready to post again. I'm not sure it this post will be coherent but then, when have my posts been coherent? Can't start now.

Connection issues aside, we had peaceful holidays. We had snow (after Christmas day of course) and Bumper had a grand time walking around like a drunken fool in her snow suit.

She was spoiled rotten and now it looks like a toy bomb exploded in our apartment. I must pack up some of this stuff and start a rotation of things so I don't go bonkers she doesn't get bored.

My In-laws gave Bumper a play tent with a front door that she loves to open and close. While cute and entertaining, it also takes up about 50% of the space in our apartment. Ahhhh - fun times.

Bumper has become phone-obsessed (who thought it would start this early?). Anyhow, any object will do as a phone - a remote, a piece of plastic, a banana, you get the idea - and she pretends to have these long, involved conversations with her callers. By far my favourite call to date took place yesterday. She walked up to the cat who was sleeping on the couch, picked up his tail and started chatting away.

Well I just wanted to exercise my rusty blogging skills and put something out there. Tonight husband and I will gorge ourselves on Thai food and drink bubbly. I just hope we make it to midnight. I'm turning into such an old fuddy duddy.

Happy New Year to you all and see you in 2007!

happy trails y'all


Jezer said...

Aw, what gorgeous photos. But egad, DIAL-UP? You, my dear, are one tough cookie.

I hope 2007 blesses you and your family with happiness, health, and good fortune.

something blue said...

LOL Well that explains that white fuzzy noise coming from Monty's tail. It must have been a bad connection. Too cute!

I've missed you. Glad you are back! Happy New Year! (I'm blogging to a Lionel Richie TV celebration - ACK, 2007 what have I become?)

Sandra said...

Loved those photos! And your telephone girl cracks me up. I'll have to dig up a toy phone my son had at that age that helped him actually learn his phone number ... when you dialed it he could hear a recording of my voice. He could also call a bunch of other fake people too. If I can find it, its all hers :)

I watched "An Inconvenient Truth" yesterday and thought of you.

mamatulip said...

Happy New Year!

I'm jealous of your photos...I'm kinda jonesing for snow. LOL.

Undercover Angel said...

Beautiful pictures.

I am stuck on a dial up connection all of the time because we live in the boonies where DSL isn't available so I feel your pain.

Happy New Year!

soleclaw said...

Sweet photos.

E is phone crazy, too. Though we haven't had any cat tail incidents, she is constantly holding things on her shoulder and talking as though through a phone. Sometimes she leaves the item tucked between her head and shoulder (or most likely her chin and neck) mimicking my no-hand phone holding skills. Good times!

have a happy 2007!

jen said...

dial up would have had me crying too.

that last photo is outrageously perfect.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Glad to have you back posting! Especially for that last pic. So sweet.

Bri said...

the tail as a phone story was hilarious!
I used to have dial up before and I hated it. Glad to see you guys had a great time and got to enjoy the snow, there was none of it here for xmas.

ewe are here said...

Love the snowsuit.

And as far as I can tell, the phone obsession doesn't go away anytime soon. :-)