Tuesday, October 17

TV sucks on Tuesday nights

If you are reading this post on a site other than motherbumper.blogspot.com or with Bitacle.org in the address, you are reading scraped and stolen content.


I threw Bumper's tights up on the shelf tonight and noticed that the landing made them look like little sitting legs. Ghost legs. Very Hallowe'en. So I took a picture:

Please ignore my complete lack of housekeeping... please.

I also noticed that Bumper has enough Senator's Official NHL gear to outfit the world's most cute and wee hockey team:

Do you know how difficult it is to walk around with a Sens outfitted child in Toronto? Ever heard of Battle of Ontario on Saturday nights? Thank goodness the wearing of this rival gear only happens when I have absolutely no clean clothing for the little lady or I want to make Husband grin when he gets home from work. I'm a Leafs fan but I'm not fanatical about my team, like other members of this household (ahem).

Seriously though, I have walked through the grocery store and had a man look at Bumper and give her sad look (omg, look at that poor little girl) and then shoot me a really dirty look like I have her dressed in rags or something equally cruel. I'm pretty sure it's grounds for calling Child Protective Services in this hockey town. I'd better watch my back.


I should have listened to you folks sooner, this Blogger Beta is kind of fun and a heck of a lot easier to use compared to the old tools. So obviously I've been playing with my template again and please excuse the mess on my blog. I feel like I'm currently living in a mid-renovation home and I keep having to show my guests through the dropsheet strewn, wall-less foyer and halls into my kitchen. Because I'd host my guests at my kitchen table, feeding them fresh cookies and tea. Seriously - I would.


ali said...

what do you mean?
friday night lights?
gilmore girls?

i loves me some tuesdays :)

penelopeto said...

ok, the tights would freak me out, and i'm sorry, bumper is a SENS fan?!
we (me and bee; huz could care less) bleed blue.

kittenpie said...

OMG I lvoe the tights.

Misterpie's Calgary-dwelling sister gave us a Flames onsie just to irk him when she was wee - pretty sure it never touched her skin.

sunshine scribe said...

Tights are so cute!

We have a myriad of soccer shirts for our guy and during world cup this year we actually had people stop us to tell us that the team he was wearing had already lost.

Bri said...

those tights are sooo cool!

Jenny said...

Ghost tights.

Love it!

something blue said...

I'm blinded by all that red. Hello? MotherBumper! You need a whole lot more something blue. It's mandatory.

Welcome to Beta! The committee will be by with your basket of fruit any moment now.

Colin rules the remote on Tuesday nights and it's all TLC (cars and tattoos.)

Mrs. Chicky said...

Those tights are cuuute. Even creepily posed like that.

Blogger Beta got you too, huh? I suppose it's just a matter of time before I'm forced to go over to that side too.

MrsFortune said...

Those are the adorablest tights!!!

Why are you canucks so serious about your hockey anyway, eh?

Hmmm... this beta thing sounds intriguing.

soleclaw said...

So Blogger Beta is really neat, eh? I was a little frightened by the whole, once you switch you can't go back warning. Now that's spooky! "What if I hate Blogger Beta?" I asked myself. Maybe I should try after all.

Tuesdays for us is Nip/Tuck night. Other than that we don't watch anything.

Her Bad Mother said...

So, um, guess what? WonderBaby has those tights. (Is there a heart on the ass?)

It's looking like we need to to suit them up all matchy-matchy for a showdown. Or take them on the road.

cinnamon gurl said...

But House is on Tuesdays!