Wednesday, October 11

still harping about her birthday


Screw you Bitacle and the horse you rode in on.

I really wonder who exactly composes the audience of Lost because the ads I saw during tonight's episode made me really wonder. I watched the ABC feed since I wanted to watch something else at eight. Anyhow, the ads I saw during one break were (in order) personal lubricant for couples, Ben and Jerry's Phish Food and Rogan for Men. It really has my head going to some places I'd rather not go. Actually, I'll stop this thought thread right there.

Moving right along.

Thank you all for the birthday greetings for Bumper. She is tickled pink. Seriously. She is. You'll see.


For Bumper's birthday I actually made a flipbook that I was going to post on the blog. But I couldn't get the darn thing edited down to under five minutes so I decided to spare you all the pictures, cute as they are and fancy-like and set to my favorite sugary song, a little ditty that makes me feel like an Anime character.

Instead of the torture-like slideshow of my really cute baby's first year I will share this picture from our family birthday party. Which we had in a bar. I'm not kidding. Heck, we all know the party is for the adults.

So for those who were curious to which dress I ended up getting (drum roll please), I got them both and she wore the girly one to this party. With her leopard print shoes. Oh yeah.

Bumper had cameras in her face almost the entire time (and for once it wasn't me trying to capture every moment). I wanted to enjoy every moment because the idea of a whole year already passing (heck, it's not an idea anymore, it's a reality) has me once again re-evaluating what's really important. How I'm using my time. How fast time moves now that I'm an adult (oh cripes, what an admission). How quickly it ticks since becoming a parent.

Bumper has all the time now.

I remember what that was like. Time crept so slowly and the days lasted forever. Especially the ones before summer vacation and Christmas.

I'm so happy it's hers now.

first she makes me wear pink
now she making me wear a crown...

Honestly folks, the crown was not from me. In fact I objected but was overuled by Auntie and Nana. I just don't want her getting any ideas about who runs the show. Oh who am I kidding?


bubandpie said...

The pink looks good on her! It's something about the contrast between the un-girly depths of those eyes and the pink poofiness of the dress - mesmerizing.

metro mama said...

Oh, so cute!

Bri said...

I love those shoes!!!
Hey were you referring to the "torture-like slideshow of my really cute baby's first year" of what I did for Samantha??? lol
Come on you got to torture people on the first birthday!!!! Plus what else am I going to show at her future wedding?

penelopeto said...

freakin-a; so adorable.

sunshine scribe said...

I covet those shoes. And the pink. And the tiara! She is SO cute! Cute. Cute. Cute. Makes me long for a little girl :)

crazymumma said...

Oh she totally runs the show. And a well dressed one at that.

Do they have those shoes in 8.5 Adult?

She is too darn cute...

tania (urban_mommy) said...

Those shoes! Bumper looks so much older since I saw her last. Crap they grow fast.

Lisa b said...

LOVE the dress. Where are those shoes from?!!?!?!
a bar? GENIUS I says.

Anonymous said...

The reluctant princess! Bumper is truly adorable.

I love Daft Punk. Your slideshow would have reminded me of a Gap commercial.

kittenpie said...

oh, I love, I love, I love it!
The shoes are fab, and she is looking like such a gorgeous girl with the hair getting a little longer! She might get even prettier than you! Sheesh.

scarbie doll said...

Those shoes are badass!

Happy belated b-day Bumper. Seriosuly though, can we betroth her to Nate already?