Sunday, September 24

I swear I didn't mean to use this language in my post

Oh that Mrs. Chicky has another great meme going! Check it out, it's short and sweet.

Here are the "rules": grab the closest book and copy lines 5 through 8 on page 123.

So here we go:
"What the fuck is that! Nurse! What the fuck is that!"
She was sitting up, her legs spread, lifting her butt off the bed, covering her bloodied c**t with her hand.
The nurse on this shift had been a bitch.
"That's its foot. Take your hand away! Leave it alone!"
I did not want to see the baby's foot.
Ummmm... yeah... I couldn't bring myself to type that** word out because I hate it. Even when I read it, I flinch. So sorry about that folks but it was there and I wasn't just going to grab another book and cheat.

The book is called "Candy" by Luke Davies and it's about a couple living with herion addiction in Australia. It apparently will be a film soon with Heath Ledger so I wanted to read it before it was ruined by Hollywood. Because it probably will be. Ruined that is.

This book isn't for the faint of heart. Language aside, I actually had to skim one chapter that focused on needle use and abuse. And I'm not THAT squeamish. But I'm glad I read the book. This is a full circle tale that starts in the middle. I like stories like that because when you meet new friends, that generally how it goes.

Hey. I never claimed to be a book reviewer so don't knock my grade three analysis of things. It's a story of love and drugs. What more do you need?

That's right, you need food. I'm off to make lunch now. Cheerio! Have a great weekend and if you are local get your butt out to Word on the Street because reading is a good thing (duh ;).


Mamalooper said...

Well, I saw Candy at the film fest! Heath Ledger and an Australian actress. Really, really liked it. So NOT Hollywood.

Mother Bumper said...

Good to know mamalooper, I'm glad to hear it was a good movie. I just find movies that do a book justice are few and far between. But then I guess it depends if you've already read the book or not. It's nice when the studios succeed.

jen said...

now i've got to check it out...i mean, those were only a few lines, and now i have to know what is up with that foot.

Lisa b said...

yeah tell us what is up with the foot!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people that even if I do not like a book, I must finish it. Candy would fall into that category for me. Maybe I would like the film better.

penelopeto said...

Hey, maybe we saw each other at WOTS. We haven't met yet, so who knows? We were the ones with the baby wearing a 'feminist' t-shirt, throwing cheerios at passersby. (the baby, not us)
And, that book sounds disturbing. Bet I'll end up reading it.

metro mama said...

We were supposed to go to WOTS but rotten colds kept us home.

Mamalooper said...

I should read Candy and see how it stacks up to the book. Because the movie was an indie, it wasn't dumbed down or overplayed for the audience. But after reading it I'll be able to compare the movie to the book.