Tuesday, September 19

dysfunctional families

First I want to say, thank you for your feedback on my new banner. I'm still playing with the links and template so that may not be coming for a while. Project Organization is plagued with ennui, everything I try looks blah next to the banner so I must go back to the ol' drawing board. Anyhow, on with the post.

So I got double hit by the tag this week. I got hit with the meme tag by Mrs. Chicky of the always a good read Chicky Chicky Baby and Katrinka Bobinka who I just met over the blogsphere via comments. I was asked to list my 10 favorite TV characters of all time.

So that's cool because I love TV. One of my mother's biggest child rearing regrets is not protesting all the tv my brother and I were allowed to watch after school instead of putting us in some sort of supervised after-school activity. We were both shy and hated group things so we were absolutely pleased. Mind you, we would have been happier if she had let us out of the house to roam the neighbourhood like she did when she was home but since we were with the sitter, we were "ordered" to watch tv in the safety of our rec room. Oh yeah baby, it was the 70's and we had a wood paneled rec room complete with orange flowered print curtains and black nogahide sofa. Loved it!

Anyhow, I'm glad I'm not a kid now and at the mercy of present day tv shows. My head would have exploded. My brother and I had basically PBS and CBC so we watched a lot of ZOOM, The Famous Five, The Goodies and our all time favourite, the one that drove us mad from the theme's first few bars, Get Smart. Life was so simple back then.

TV now a days still produces gems in my opinion (at least for the adult audiences since I don't really watch many children's shows). And I had a really hard time deciding who to put on my list. So after much excruciating, anxiety-inducing, scientific method approved decision making (picked out of a hat), I've shortened my list to ten:

(1) By far, the first one to come to mind is Franklin from Arrested Development. He hijacked every scene he was in, in this absolutely wonderful and too-short lived show. Who doesn't like Franklin? Stupid people, that's who.
(2) Gob, oh Gob. Your abuse use of "Final Countdown" by Europe was steller and your relationship with Franklin made me howl. I miss you dude.
(3) Tobias Funke and his denial of homosexuality reminded me of so many men I've met. I will never look at the Blue Man Group or Hair Club for Men the same ever again.
(4) Before you think I have a thing about Arrested Development (I do but I digress) Dwight Schrute. Who didn't (doesn't) have a Dwight in their office or on their team or in their class?
(5) Tony, Tony, Tony. I fucking adore this man.

(6) Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks. Always smoking, always scheming, always bad. A girl after my own teenage heart.

(7) Dr. Johnny Fever. Could a character be any more laid-back and cool? At least, that is what I thought as a young, naive child. Now I think: lucky-to-have-a-job-stoner. I still love him though.

(8) Jack Bauer. Now that's my kind of guy. And anytime I think I'm having a shitty day, it can never be as bad as one of Jack's.

(9) Stewie Griffin. A wee nipper out to kill his mother and regain power over central Europe. Let's hope Bumper is only interested in Europe.

(10) Because I couldn't decide and I had hit ten, Shake, Frylock and Meatwad of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. If you haven't seen it then I can't really explain what you're missing. If you don't like cartoons for adults then I'd say you need to get in touch with your inner child.

And there you have it, my top ten list. Since I can never figure out who wants to be tagged and who has been tagged, if you want to do this, I tag you (a cop out, I know). Tell me if you are going to do it because I love hearing other peoples choices. I told you, I love TV.


crazymumma said...

Twin Peaks! Now there is a series renter.t defined my early 30's. that and Star Trek Next Generation....
Kiefer Sutherland is yummy...

And your header is so cute!

Lisa b said...

Your list makes me feel like I do not watch enough television. Or that I am missing all the good shows.

bubandpie said...

This meme just never stops being fun. That photo of Jack Bauer is very persuasive. I thought about including him, but I hate the plotting and writing of that show so much I couldn't bear to do it. You're right, though - Jack is awesome.

Bri said...

Twin Peaks was a great show! I think I'll do this eventually!

Her Bad Mother said...

Dude! You are the only other person I know of who watched the Famous Five!!!

'Julian, Dick and Anne... George and Timmy the Dooooog... The Famouse Fiiiive!'

And you know how I feel about AD...

Beth said...

Cute banner!

metro mama said...

Audrey Horne, great one! I loved that show.

Did you see Mulholland Drive?

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh yeah, Twin Peaks. She was great. I just did my fave characters but I had a hard time remembering anything older than a few years.

Just as I started reading your post when I got to the bit about wood panelling I suddenly remembered WKRP. Was that deliberate foreshadowing?? If so it was very effective. Johnny Fever, yeah.

Mrs. Chicky said...

How on earth did I forget Dr. Johnny Fever and Stewie!!? I love those characters. Great list!

Bri said...

done on my site,

tania (urban_mommy) said...

Hibi Fribend! Hobow arbare yobou? ZOOM rocked. Fo'shizzle (see? I can do all decades).
I love Stewie. He's research. So are the boys of South Park. I watch with much interest - a look into the mind of the kind of twisted little boy that my son may one day become. I must prepare!

Love the new banner.

Haley-O said...

Ahhh, Tobias Funke! Good one!