Tuesday, June 27

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I'll post later today (I hope. Bump Daddy has been working crazy hours and I'm trying to let him relax so it kind of eats into my post time...) but I wanted to share a picture taken yesterday after an afternoon spent with the amazing HBM and WonderBaby. Bumper was all tuckered out on the subway:

and she slept the entire ride home. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,


Jezer said...

Ahhh, what sweet delicious cheeks.

Bri said...

Awwwwwwww...so peaceful and sweet!!! Can it get better than that?

Beth said...

So sweet! i love a tired baby!

metro mama said...

I wouldn't freak out if Bumper did that to Cakes.

Glad you ladies had a nice day.

Wish you were coming Saturday!

lildb said...

luscious. what a dolly. :)