Monday, June 19

Too hot to think...

So very hot. Brain fried. Can't think. Will post random thoughts...

Thought One
Wouldn't life be easier if we all wore onesies? Just imagine what business people would look like if they could wear pinstripe onesies to the office. Think about it.... picture it.... cute, right?

I remember way back in the late 80's, I used to wear a lot of bodysuits. They were great. My shirt never rode up and I didn't need to worry about exposing myself when reaching up. Which I guess most girls don't really give a shit about anymore considering they are more then happy to show off their underwear to anyone who has the use of their eyes. HUSSIES! Please let those really, really, low, low rise styles disappear soon. Whoops.. did I say that? It must be the heat or I'm getting old.

It's definitely the heat.

Thought Two
How come when my husband offers to clean the kitchen it takes him hours to do it and then he comes out and says "I did everything except for the glasses". And I walk in and there are 50 glasses on the counter and 12 dishes washed. And the counters are still dirty. And he's all sweaty. I'm not sure what it is but he definitely doing something wrong. Or something very, VERY naughty.

Thought Three (more of a confession really)
Why do I feel guilty about turning on my air conditioner at 4pm? If another blackout happened, I would go into hiding. I know why I feel guilty: it's because I stare at these posters on the subway and think "they can't be talking about me?".

I'm a recycler. I am a member of a car cooperative. I eat organic and local as much as possible. I don't live beyond my means. I didn't even own an AC until I got pregnant (last summer was very hot) and then I only use it in moderation. And I can't stand feeling this sweaty and lethargic. Doing the dishes is torture (all those glasses and stuff).

I know why I feel guilty. It's because I live across from an official cooling station and I'm too lazy to go there and would rather sit in the comfort of my own home. I should be publicly flogged.

I have to say the subway posters are a great ad campaign. I also have to say I really do try to conserve energy. Honest. Just not when it's so freakin' hot and humid.

Thought Four
After I wrote my post, my little baby fell asleep to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club BRMC album. It was beautiful to see her sleeping and I was able to enjoy a wonderful album while looking at one of the most beautiful things in the world. I wish I could share it with you all but the camera was no go. But trust me, she looked so peaceful. I'm sure you all know what I mean because you all see that beauty everytime your baby sleeps.

End of Thoughts.

So I'm totally hip to HBM's suggestion of a Toronto Mom get-together. I'll be sending her an email and I really hope this can happen.

Yes ladies, I'd really like to meet you all...
What do you mean I might not be invited momma? Wait one second....


Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, it's a-gonna happen. No question.

And somehow we're gonna work it so that babies get their time, too. 'Cuz WonderBaby's crazy to meet her homies...

(And, yes, the hot my god the hot.)

(And, and. Ditto on the onesies.)

Mom101 said...

Two words to sum up why we don't all wear onesies: My Ass.

Beth said...

Don't you hate how you do everything you can to conserve, but still feel guilty? You know there are people who are blasting that AC all fricken day right!? Like during our flood last year, there was a water conservation ban thing. Yeah, like everyone had sprinklers to water the lawn. Like, duh people! I didn't even use my dishwasher for a week! I half filled the sink and washed a days worth all in one go. Not fun!

bunmaster said...

It's been too hot to think up here in Ottawa as well though finally an hour or so ago we had the mother of all storms pass by so I think the heat has had its back broken. Onesies? Cute but I'll add loose belly flab to Mom-101's ass. Some of those onesies are pretty form fitting!

I think we have similar husbands... so proud of himself for having done a chore but of course it's a half-assed job (in my opinion).

I keep the AC set at 25 as long as I can stand it. If the baby starts getting sweaty, it comes down. We've got a beer fridge but trust me, it gets a lot of use what with the tap & the keg inside. As for the beauty of sleeping babies, I have about 200 photos of her doing just that.

Oh & I'm jealous of being so close & yet so far that I can't meet up with everyone.

Jezer said...

Well, it's about 70 (21C) right now, and predicted to reach 91 (33C), so I'm also going to blame the heat on my dislike of the low-rise jeans (because it has absolutely nothing to do with my love handles, of course!).

I so, so wish I lived nearer to you Toronto gals--I'd love to meet up with you all.

sunshine scribe said...

I am not so sure I am on board with the onsies idea ... but man can I relate to the guilt-inducing subway campaign. I love it. I get it. I agree with it. But I still turn on my air conditioner when my son and I are dying of the heat...I am going straight to hell. Unairconditioned hell.

Bri said...

I am so guilty of running our a/c, but until now never thought about it until I saw the ttc ads you posted!!!! Talk about a guilt trip!!! But do you know how hard it is to put a sticky baby to sleep when you're sticky too and together you're both just stuck together!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh bodysuits! I remember bodysuits. It really sucked trying to unbutton those things in a hurry when you had to pee.

I'd vote for a naked society (it would cut down on air conditioning bills) but nobody wants to see my baby flab. Hell, I don't want to see my baby flab.

mamatulip said...

Since the blackout I feel guilty about using electricity, period. LOL.

Bri said...

What a coincidence we were both at the same place yesterday!!! When I was working there I spent hours at the Winners, basically all of us work employees spent our time at the Sheppard Centre. I was soooooo pissed when the Timmies opened right after I left for mat leave. I always said they should open one up!!!
Next time I'll let you know when I'll be back!

jennster said...

please don't get me started on men's version of cleaning the kitchen versus ours. now i'm in a tissy

lildb said...

holy crap. that is one gorgeous baby.

I *so* get you on the environmentally-damaging-behaviors-guilt. it eats me up inside, sometimes. argh.

I'm so glad you are around. :)