Thursday, May 5

Dust In The Wind

He looks so lonely since Dallas has gone. No surprise really. He doesn't show any other signs of mourning -- or at least the ones I've witnessed in my 30+ years of cat relations.

Recently a black kitten has started visiting our balcony at night and instead of hissing and freaking out at this visitor as per strange-cat protocol, Emmett sits and visits with the little guy (or gal). They sit, with a screen between them, every so often saying a mew.


We received a letter from the University of Guelph this week. Our vet had made a monetary donation to the veterinary school in Dallas's name and Ontario Veterinary College sent us a letter of thanks and condolence. Both beautiful and good business sense.


There has been a noticeable decrease in dust bunnies since Dallas passed.

I always endeavor to find positive in every situation.

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Kyla said...

Aww, maybe time for a new kitten?