Monday, December 13

It's A Wrap! And It's Giveaway Time!

Holy blatant exclamation point abuse in that title Batman but I  just love hosting Canadian giveaways so I feel justified in my excitement (sorry America but I do have a giveaway coming your way ASAP so stay tuned.) But back to this giveaway.

So who here has a cat? I have two of those little furry babies who are not so little and they aren't really babies either. Both are almost twelve years old and incredibly crotchety, rarely moving unless food is involved.

BUT they do move for something else, something that is often seen this time of year: WRAPPING PAPER! Those little dudes make wrapping Christmas gifts an exercise is frustration because nothing is more nerve wracking in the realm of wrapping when you must battle to keep a six-pound Chewabacca from stealing supplies. I'm not sure why they love to dive into the crinkly paper and don't get me started about what it's like if ribbon is involved.

And if you have kids to compound the issue, tape also becomes a headache because who has had a child steal the tape and then unfurl the ENTIRE ROLL leaving you to close off a package with plaster bandages and Dora stickers? Don't laugh, it's happened to me on more than one occasion (okay, laugh because it totally deserves mocking).

Don't even get me started on finding sharp scissors when needing to trim wrapping paper. 'Tis the season to lose all the wrapping supplies into the vortex of missing socks and the like.

So wouldn't it be wonderful if someone gave you a basket full of wrapping supplies that included pre-cut tape dispenser that you can strap to the back of your hand? And double-sided tape? And special gift-wrap tape? And Magic Tape? AND TITANIUM-INFUSED SCISSORS THAT CAN CUT ALMOST ANYTHING? Because I want to do that for you. Oh and so does Scotch Brand Tape who actually makes all of the things I just listed.

Anyway. Scotch Brand Tape invited me to host a give away -- disclosure: I received a gift basket of goodies in exchange for hosting this giveaway -- and I'm going to pick one lucky comment from this post to receive a gift basket of Scotch Brand goodies too! Contest is open to Canadian residents only and you can leave one comment per email address on this post between now and December 17th at 5pm EST. I will pick one winner via and contact them asap so you can hopefully get these goodies in time for Christmas. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment.

Easy Peasy.

And because Scotch Brand Tape knows the cool home-decor specialist Lynn Spence (you know her from the pages of Canadian Home and Country or my fav Chatelaine -- plus she is often a guest on CityLine), she shared the Twelve Tips Of Christmas Wrapping with me to pass along to you. I'm a wee bit surprised that she didn't include how to make gift-wrapping into a drinking game but maybe she'll take that under advisement for next year:
  1. Stock Up – Before you start wrapping, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. Quality scissors and tape will make the gift wrapping experience a breeze (see proof points below):
  2. Stay Sharp – Have a sharp pair of scissors, such as Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, for cutting paper and other materials. It will allow you to achieve greater precision with your cuts. And if tape on your scissors is a pet peeve, Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors use non-stick technology that means no more sticky build up on blades.
  3. One of a Kind Tags – You can make your own gift tags by using the back of old holiday cards. Cut pictures or words from magazines, and paste them on the gift card to make it festive. Voila! Your own customized gift tag.
  4. Go Glam – Add luxury to your packages with glamorous materials such as metallic papers that will make anyone feel spoiled. Fashioned inspired animal print or sophisticated quilted paper will look luxurious under the tree.
  5. Mix It Up – Move away from traditional wrapping paper by incorporating new textures such as rice, foil and matte papers into your wrapping repertoire. Mixed colours and patterns are also a great way to add visual interest to your presents.
  6. Au Natural – For a more organic, eco look, use recycled papers or materials such as linen, Kraft paper, fabric remnants, burlap or a fabulous vintage scarf.
  7. In Lieu of Glue – For tasks where you’d traditional use glue, reach for Scotch® Double-Sided Tape, a no-mess alternative for light duty attaching and mounting tasks.
  8. Fit to Be Tied – Homemade bows are easier to make than you think. Simply tie the ribbon as you would a shoelace, and use fresh greens or other ornamentation to “dress up” the package. The recipient will surely be impressed with the “professional look” of the present!
  9. Stay Seamless – Scotch GiftWrap Tape features a unique satin finish that disappears on most gift wrap papers. Makes all your gifts look great! Easy to dispense and sticks securely.
  10. Make It Last – The joy of giving is always in style but before you start wrapping gifts, make sure you stock up on quality tape like Scotch Brand to ensure your packages stay sealed until its time to unwrap them.
  11. Waste Not, Want Not – Get creative with scraps of paper, ribbons and other found items to add pizzazz to your wrapping and help the environment by keeping these items out of the waste basket.
  12. ‘Tis the Season – Before you start gift wrapping, put on some holiday music, relax and have fun! Remember – it’s the thought that counts!
Lynn also forgot tips on how to gift wrap the cat to get him out of the way for the rest of your gift wrapping session. Call me Lynn, I have tons more like this:

Good luck and Happy Wrapping!

Winner has been selected: Congrats to  Skwishee!


geenalyn said...

with four kids worth of stuff to wrap, not to mention stuff for the hubby, I'd love to win this!!

dorisdays said...

I used to get a wrapping gift basket (well my father) from a supplier. I miss getting it.

I'd love to win this. I love Scotch brand.

dorisdays said...

Oops left out my email:

Danielle said...

My cats love to steal my ribbons and bows too. One of them also likes to chew and shred paper. Wrapping is a nightmare when they're around.

I'd love to win this.

Angella said...

I haven't even begun to wrap presents.


marisa said...

It really is a must have great tape time of year! Though, you really caught my attention with all that talk about new scissors!

I think I'm going "au natural" with kraft paper and pretty twine this year. Thanks! (m.edghill(at)gmail(dot)com)

Emma said...

I really kind of hate wrapping. This prize would make it nicer!!

emmawiller at gmail dot com

edmontonjb said...

I just stocked up on tape this pack weekend and after a bit of wrapping, I'm running low again. I would love to win this prize!


Emily B said...

YAY! There are two things in this world that I hate buying (but have to): socks, and Scotch tape. The first because I really think socks should be provided by the government. The second because it's INVISIBLE and therefore should be free. Right?

Okay, that sounds a little crazy. But it's a true story.

Also, I loved the instructional catwrap vid. I'm going to try that on our dog, since I don't think the fish in the aquarium would stay still long enough, and tape doesn't work underwater.

ebickell at hotmail dot com

Skwishee said...

I would really love to win this! I need... no NEED.. to win this. I have enough to do without having to run out for tape in the middle of the night after wrestling with my kids for hours until they finally go to sleep. And I haven't been able to find an online service that delivers tape yet :P

Jess said...

My mouth is open, and there is a great cry of 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT that' ringing through my head

- Jess, who just (No LIE!) wrapped two gifts for school Christmas parties using strips cut off a big half-off sticker, and a piece of tape I found on an ornament. I'm pretty sure it's from last year. Even the cats are disgusted by my ineptitude.

Kristina said...

Magic tapes are the best. And Scotch brand is the BESTEST! If there is such a word.... lol

Holy cat!!!