Monday, December 20

For The Memory Box: Edition 1899

File these two under moments I do not want to forget:

My 5yo asked me if she could listen to the song where 'the guy who sings like a girl but isn't. You know the one that ends with the squid.'

The blank star must have given me away because she then proceeded to make that 'ugh parents' exasperated sigh which she punctuated with 'you know, THE SQUID'.

Like yelling 'the squid' louder really helped.

This child is going to be the death of me during the teen years.

She then jumped off her bed, defying any protests from me for her to get right back in bed, stomped out to the living room, fished the iTouch out of my purse, and proceeded to locate the song by The Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love in 2.2 seconds.

Oh right, the squid.

You know, the squid that the lead singer -- who is a guy but sounds like a girl -- kills with a laser coming out of his forehead because it's attacked the band's space ship. A space ship that appears to consist of a band stand and a round bed with satin sheets that facilitate the writhing of the lead singer who looks like he hit every stick on the way down in his fall from the 70s tree twenty years too late.

Perhaps letting her watch that particular music video was not the best parenting decision to date. She absorbs way too much of the stuff I don't want her to absorb. Isn't that always the way?

Well I won't beat myself up, I'm sure we all have a hundred dozen one of those in our books. Right?

Also for the virtual memory book:

Seeing her bounce out of her room -- after bedtime -- in a sparkly outfit with tutus around her face and announcing 'look Mom and Dad, I'm a flower!' and then dancing back to her room before either of can say 'getbacktoyourroomrightnoooooooooooow!'

Totally wish I had a video camera mounted to my head.

Can't lie: Also wish I had a way to keep her in her room after bedtime.


Jessica said...

This is so weird. Me and my hubby were talking about this band on a long car trip and I was explaining how the video had a squid and the guy looked like he was from the 70s. But we couldn't remember what the band was called. lol I checked my twitter account, realized I hadn't read your blog in a while and this was your most recent post. Weird.

for a different kind of girl said...

The other day, my oldest son asked me to download "...that song. You know the one that goes 'hey, sexy chicka.' That one."

I still have no idea what song he wants. Maybe your daughter knows!

teaching resources Mary said...

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R said...

I do not know that song... and I'm certain Goose doesn't either (she does love dancing to Jason Mraz's Geek In The Pink though - thanks to my hubs) I do however get the part about them soaking up so much info in such little time... she picks up things I didn't even realize she's seen!! but the 2nd part - about the tutu flower? LOVE it! chuckling at the idea... and just love it. thanks for sharing :)