Thursday, November 25

How Festive. I Think. offered me a complimentary membership to try out their service (thank you Netflix, please don't take it away after reading this post) and after signing up last night, I filled out a short survey that apparently would help the service recommend movies and television me and my family would enjoy.

So as we flipped through the personalized menu, movies that I actually would watch were popping up all over the place, it was a good sign.

Not a good sign though? When we got to horror - a favoured genre of ours - this is what we found:

While on their way home for Thanksgiving break, five college kids run afoul of a homicidal turkey that wants them dead. As the cursed bird hunts them down one by one, the survivors scramble to find a way to defeat the possessed creature. Will the bloodthirsty turkey make this their last Thanksgiving feast ever?

Happy ThanksKilling my sweet neighbours. Watch out for the revenge of the turkeys. Seriously folks, READ THE MOVIE DESCRIPTION.

I cannot make this stuff up. Save some turkey for me, eh?


Skwishee said...

I'm glad there was a special appearance by adult film star Wanda Lust, because I can see it being a real stinker otherwise. ??
Have you seen Killer Klowns from Outer Space? Carnasaur? If you enjoyed the turkey thing, you should add them to your viewing list.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Wow. I've been debating on if I should sign up for I think I'm still debating.

Kyla said...

Haha! I love Netflix.

Anonymous said...

The Bloggess got that one too.