Sunday, July 25

What Is It? No Really, What Is It?

Once again it was too hot to venture outside lest we melt into puddles of goo so we stayed in and made our contribution to global warming by running our AC during peak-hours while making a weak cry that it was all in the name of survival.

Despite the Arctic air that was being forced directly into our living space, we were completely wilted from an earlier foray into the hot, cruel summer for sustenance and such. And since our AC is far too loud to allow us to hear a murder next door much less the television in our living room, we decided to be more creative and you know, create stuff.

See? See how much the heat has effected things? I can barely write a coherent sentence and that right there is a direct result of my brain getting fried in this heat. True story. Mah brains are cooked.

Anyway, back to creating stuff: out came the play clay and all the accessories.

Because of my uncontrollable urge to strive for play clay perfection, I tried my hand at using the pre-made shape moulds to render the smoothest uni-coloured food shapes as humanly possible. The food shapes were found on the handle of 'ice cream' shaped scoop that came with one of my 4yo's phonetically-spelled favourites Play Doh.

The first to be created was the strawberry-shape followed by the peach. Both turned out divine. Next tried were the small unidentifiable circles which produced flat bottomed petite pears much to my surprise.

Then I moved onto the last shape and instantly became confused.

What the heck is that shape? Is it a pecan?

My daughter suggested a hotdog but that didn't seem right. Still have no idea what it is but it did remind me it's time to make my annual gynaecology appointment.


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

The innocent answer is a walnut or pecan. But my mind went elsewhere the moment I spied your flushed red creation and now I can't think of anything but a hoo hoo.

What actually bothers me is that they put a nut mould in with fruit. Shouldn't it be another fruit? I am a purist when it comes to Playdoh moulds. No mixing of foods allowed.

Kyla said...

Haha! Yes, definitely reminiscent of some female anatomy! More of a taco than a hot dog, perhaps.

Mac and Cheese said...

Interesting that you chose pink.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

A highly sexualized pecan. Definitely. Walnuts don't look like that. As already noted, great choice in the color of pink.

daysgoby said...

Star fruit? An oddly-angled bunch of bananas?

Y'know, I have long suspected that those deviants at Play Doh were trying to sneak something by us.

mamatulip said...

Chewed up gum?

GingerB said...

Much more taco than pecan. I agree that the basic food sexes should be adhered to in making these molds.

Anonymous said...

I saw that and was like "is that lady parts?" then I read the rest of what you wrote below the picture and laughed.
someone at Play-dough has to be having a joke.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

That? That is some play doh designer's idea of a joke on all parents.